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The Ultimate Summer Cleaning Checklist 2022 by Quantum X Vacuum Cleaner

Sunny skies, warm temperatures, and happy days! Summer is here and with-it significant benefits for your health, including improved eating habits, mental well-being, and lots of outdoor activities. Quantum X brings you the Ultimate Free Summer Cleaning Checklist 2022 to make it the cleanest season too! - PDF guide included - Download it now!

Warm, Sunny, and Clean.

The Binghamton University and The State University of New York have classified summer as one of the healthiest seasons in America because it is warm and sunny and impacts our daily routines, exercise routines, and diet positively. During summer, we tend to eat more fruits and vegetables and drink water, promoting healthier eating habits. In addition, vitamin D from the sun and particular seasonal food increase physical activities reducing insomnia and fatigue. Also, moderate sunshine in our skin produces a feel-good chemical hormone called serotonin, which makes our body feel better by eating, sleeping, and boosting our mood.

Summer but clean and protected, right?

 As much as we love this season, taking care of our health and summer cleaning routines is essential. Most of the health issues come from breathing constantly warm air making our airways narrow, leading to coughing and shortness of breath. On the other hand, unprotected sun exposure can cause skin, eye, immune system damage, dehydration, and over the years, skin cancer. Finally, plants release more pollen during warm days from mid-May to mid-July, increasing air pollution allergies. Considering this, what can we do to avoid health problems and enjoy summer? Do not worry! Quantum X got you with The Ultimate Free Cleaning Checklist 2022 to tackle air pollution allergies and bad indoor air quality.

The Ultimate Free Cleaning Checklist 2022

This checklist was made by a group of experts (Full-time bosses and moms) willing to share their secret tips to keep your indoor spaces clean during summer! Let's see what they have to say!

Clean filters first. 

 Most of the time, we focus on doing floors, carpets, and dusting without making sure our home filters are clean. Home appliances like A/Cs, fans, air purifiers, range hoods, tumble dryers, and regular vacuums use filters to catch indoor pollution. If you don't clean/change these filters regularly, germs, dust, and the virus will be back in your clean spaces in no time. Some home appliances like refrigerators and dishwashers use water filters to trap unwanted debris and bacteria from water, so they need to be cleaned and changed regularly. However, Quantum X got you because it's the only upright water vacuum in the market that uses water as its filtering method and because our summer cleaning checklist will immediately improve the look of your home and the indoor air quality too.

One room at a time!

Decluttering improves mental health and reduces the risk of health problems related to excess mold, dust, and mildew. Our Summer Cleaning checklist will provide you with 3 simple steps to make it happen in a heartbeat. First, ensure you dispose of all the clutter in one plastic bag. It will keep your decluttering process conscious and straightforward. Second, cleaning one room at a time and for no more than 10 minutes will make your summer cleaning checklist 2022 easier to complete! Wondering why? Basically, you don't want to get overwhelmed and get rid of things you need. Third, it is recommended to clean surfaces like tables, desks, bedside tables, and kitchen counters first and then continue onto pantries, drawers, and closets. Remember the K-C- S rule! KEEP items that are useful during your daily routines, CLEAR items that no longer have a use, and STORAGE sentimental or seasonal objects away. 

Summer ready (and clean too)!

After making sure filters are clean and rooms decluttered, the next step is to make bathrooms, floors, and carpets clean and disinfected. Make sure to use cleaning products that disinfect and are easy to use on any type of floor and surface. Remember to wipe down surfaces with a clean microfiber cloth; these are highly absorbent and effectively remove debris, making your job easier. Finally, the Quantum X vacuum will be your best ally to complete your summer cleaning checklist 2022 in a minute and without skipping any dirty spots, especially when discussing floors, carpets, and wet spills. Quantum X can pick up up to 32 oz of dirt, dust, and germs, and it all goes to the water tank you will naturally empty in the drain. It works with micro silver technology that aromatizes and cleans the air while you are vacuuming. Finally, its telescopic can reach difficult spots, and with three deluxe accessories it will be easier to vacuum wet and dry spillages, dog hair, and hard surfaces like hardwood, laminates, and walls. As we said before, one vacuum fighting it all!

The Ultimate Free Cleaning Checklist 2022 – Download it now!

Now that we have learned about this cleaning checklist, it's time to start your cleaning journey immediately! Download the PDF HERE and enjoy its benefits during the summer of 2022.