Experience the Cleansing Power of the Quantum Vacuum
No HEPA, Sponge, Foam, or Paper Filters to Clog!
  • Quantum Vacuum Pro never loses strength or airflow
  • Quantum Vacuum Pro uses fresh water as a filter
  • No dirty canisters or paper bags to change
  • Quantum Vacuum Pro is a vacuum cleaner, air purifier, wet/dry vac, leaf blower, aromatizer/deodorizer, and inflator/deflator – ALL IN ONE!
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The Smartest, Most Powerful & Effective Vacuum Ever!

Traditional Vacuums Have a Dirty Secret That Can Make You Sick!
Paper, foam, & HEPA filters in ordinary vacuums are breeding grounds for bacteria & germs. Don’t replace them regularly, and you’ll release filth & toxins right back into your home whenever you clean! 

The Quantum Vacuum filters dirt & debris through its unique water filter, so only clean, purified air flows out! Just empty the water for a fresh, good-as-new filter that never clogs & unstoppable airflow every time.

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& Deluxe Upgrade with one Easy Payment $498
Make one easy payment today and save $225! You will receive Free Shipping, a Free Wet Kit, and a Free Deluxe Package to complement your new Quantum Cleaning System! 
Not to mention, you'll get an Extended 90 Day Money Back Guarantee.  The Wet Pack comes with the wet hose for wet messes, a telescoping wand, a curved wand, and the Hardwood Floor Brush., valued at $100! The Deluxe Package comes with a motorized pet hair remover and a squeegee attachment for the wet hose to leave a streak-free shine, also valued at $100! 
Why Pay Up to $1200 for All These Appliances?
Quantum Vacuum is the Incredible 6-in-1 Powerhouse that can do it all!


Wet Spills

Air Purifier

Leaf Blower



Quantum Vacuum is State of the Art Technology & Design!
Bacteria-Reducing Micro
Silver Technology

Protects your family from toxins,
pathogens, germs & more

Built to Last
May be the last vacuum you'll ever have to buy because it's built with stainless steel tubing and top grade wire hose.

Built-in Timer
Lets you purify the air in your home in 15 minute increments up to 2 hours.
Ideal for Families
With small children, pets, allergy
sufferers, & expectant mothers.
Versatile Design
Reaches places other
vacuums can’t.

Detachable Cord
for easy storage.

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Quantum Vacuum
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