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About Us

The Quantum X vacuum is a self-contained, full-house cleaning product. It cleans all surfaces, including rugs, carpets, hardwood floors and tiles, and is perfect for
picking up pet hairs, spills and dander. Each time you use the Quantum X vac, the specially designed basin traps dirt, debris, germs and bacteria, not to mention anything else grimy that may be roaming around you. And then you just throw all that waste away, and refill the basin with fresh water. It truly feels like you’re using a brand new vacuum each time you clean. The Quantum X vac also contains microsilver, which when combined with its water filtration system, simultaneously cleans the air around you as you use it. The result is what can only be described is 100% heaven for clean freaks like us. We designed the Quantum X vacuum to be durable and last, providing cleanliness for our customers for years at a time.

The creation and design of the Quantum X was led by two of our Co-Founders, Randy Spencer and Larry York. Longtime veterans of the vacuum industry with more than 30 years of experience each in the business, Randy and Larry were relentless in their commitment to ensure that the Quantum X would deliver phenomenal cleaning results by leveraging the power of water filtration. They paid extraordinary attention to detail, not only in ensuring the power and performance of the unit, but in designing it in a sleek, modern casing in eye catching colors. Their efforts yielded what we consider to be a truly remarkable achievement in modern household cleaning engineering. Thank you Randy and Larry for your amazing work!!!