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The Best 5-Star Side dishes For Thanksgiving.

Are you looking for a five-star Thanksgiving side dish that is delicious and healthy? Cooking and cleaning Quantum X experts have shared their 5 top side dishes with us to make thanksgiving celebrations 2022 an unforgettable family and friends’ event. We all know that the star of the show is the turkey. However, the perfect side dishes can make your dinner go from “It was delicious” to “It was the best thanksgiving dinner I have ever had,” and the best out of it? They can be done in less than an hour, contain healthy ingredients, and are genuinely delicious. Ready to upgrade your thanksgiving dinner to unforgettable? Give your dinner a twist; here is how to do it!

5-star Apple Scalloped Potato.

Thanksgiving cooks might have given a privileged spot to turkey, ham, or roasted cauliflower, but what about sides? When we think about it, the first ingredient is potato. Why? Adults love it; children love it; it's a 5-star ingredient. For this reason, we have chosen the apple scalloped potato bake; it is delicious and healthy. Perfect for your thanksgiving dinner table. Quantum X cooking experts recommend preparing all the ingredients in advance, having enough time to follow each step, and having a functioning oven. It will give you more time to enjoy your celebrations instead of worrying about the side dishes. If by chance you make a mess, use your cleaning routine right hand, Quantum X water filtration vacuum, it will clean the mess in a heartbeat and with no effort at all. Read the recipe here.

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Grateful For Festive Rice

Let's be honest; who doesn't love a plate of fluffy flavourful rice? It is almost irresistible. For this reason, our experts picked a side rice dish that pairs perfectly with your chosen protein, leaves space for dessert, and, most importantly, is going to be 100 % healthy. The festive rice is the perfect mix of sweet, spicy, and creamy in one spot. It is the ideal recipe to jazz up your Thanksgiving dinner, not to mention all its ingredients are affordable, tasty, and it will be ready in less than 30 minutes. Perfect countdown to vacuum with Quantum X water filtration vacuum all hard surfaces in the kitchen. Check the recipe here.

Holiday Herb-cheese Rolls

If there is something everyone loves at home is cheese! We know that not everyone is into vegetables, so the next 5-star side dish will blow your mind and make your tummy happy. Hot bread is one thing everyone enjoys, and you can pair it with almost everything. Quantum X presents the holiday herb-cheese rolls, the perfect mix of cheese, herbs, and bread that all your guests will love.  Since this dish can be done in under 2 hours, it is ideal to have them ready for your guests. What about aromatizing your home using Quantum X fragrances and vacuum while baking delicious herb-cheese rolls? Take a look at this recipe and other 5-star side dishes here.


Thanksgiving Day & veggies, a 5-star combination.

We are grateful for vegetables and all their unique benefits. Quantum X knows how different families can be, and we adapt! Not only by providing a top cleaning appliance that is useful in many spaces at home but also by offering vegetarian recipes for this celebration, indeed a 5-star combination. For this reason, we introduce the vegan stuffing side dish. This healthy yet delicious recipe is made with bread, herbs, and vegetables for an umami kick with Thanksgiving vibes. Are you ready for a flavorful dish, soft in the middle and crisp on top? We are prepared to elevate your dinner to a “chef kiss” level. Find out how, here


Michelin Star Dessert!

Thanksgiving isn't thanksgiving without dessert, right? And we have the perfect recipe to close dinner as Michelin restaurants would close; an easy, classy, delicious dessert. Ready to make banana bread and ice cream a hit? This combination of savory, sweet, warm, and cold will leave your guests speechless! Dessert will be the perfect dish to close dinner on a high note with all your guests and family! No worries about the mess, Quantum X is ready to pick up all the wet & dry spills for you.  Ready to learn how to do it? Find out here.