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Spring cleaning: The mindful home edition.

Spring is here!

Feeling a little sun in your face, after a long winter season, with lots of TV shows, and dog cuddles, is the best way to start Spring. Now that you have awakened from the long winter hibernation, it’s time to get rid of the dirt, dust, germs and start getting ready for flowers, cute outfits, and fresh smells. It is the time of the year, Spring cleaning with a side of feeling confident, positive, and motivated!

What does mindfulness and my home have in common?

The answer is easy: cleaning! Recent mindfulness and scientific investigations have demonstrated that having a clean environment boosts your mood, enhances peaceful spaces, and promotes positive feelings like happiness and love. Lately, mindfulness advocates have presented ways in which we can keep our spaces organized while taking care of our mental and physical health. However, this task can be a little overwhelming because there is so much to clean and little to no time. Let’s be clear, in spring the only thing you want to do is to be outside! Here is the deal, spring cleaning doesn’t have to be tedious, boring, not even “DEEP” cleaning, it must be simple, effective and nothing but fun!

Why Spring Cleaning?

According to the American College of Allergy, Asthma, and immunology (ACAAI), in spring and fall, seasonal weather changes promote nasal inflammation and makes easier for allergies and viruses to get into your respiratory system. Now, keeping our homes clean and fresh is one of the best strategies to avoid allergies, diseases, and viruses. Now. Let’s think that it is not about the season or cleaning, but why doing it helps our immune system keep our body healthy, full of energy, and ready for daily life challenges. Whether you have a lot or a little time to clean the house, let's make sure you have all the tools to boost your energy, clean your house and feel happy with some simple yet useful tips.

What is it to clean mindfully?

When thinking about cleaning, it should not feel like torture or a chore. It should be easy, simple, short, and in the process boost your mood. Cleaning and decluttering are not as demanding as they look, and more people around the world use it as a mindfulness habit. Let me ask you, do you know the difference between cleaning and decluttering? The first term refers to dusting, washing, and scrubbing, contrary to decluttering referring to get rid of the excess, so you have less to clean and dust. Now that you have clear these two concepts, cleaning mindfully should be a joint effort between cleaning and decluttering with the final objective of creating spaces that make you happy and are healthy!

How to clean mindfully?

Yes, cleaning your mental and physical spaces is the best formula to start this season with the right foot, but how to do it? Where to start? I got you! Remember that you are not in a race, for this reason cleaning one space at a time is absolutely fine. Next, be intentional when choosing cleaning products and appliances, prioritize brands and devices that will make cleaning easy, safe, and most importantly help to get rid of unwanted particles. Let me explain, for cleaning a bedroom I would use disinfectant wipes, air refresheners, microfiber cleaning cloths, and my favorite device to clean, the water filter vacuum cleaner Quantum X, which gets rid of dust, allergens and keeps my indoor air fresh and clean by using micro-silver technology. Finally, enjoy the ride, play your favorite music – loud if you can -, use comfortable clothes, involve your family, make it your weekend ritual, it will feel good, I promise!

When to stop and have a glass of wine (or two)?

Yeah, we know, it has nothing to do with Spring cleaning, but it does have to do with rewarding yourself and appreciating your hard work! The hardest part of cleaning is to start, begin with a chore, in your selected space, that you enjoy or like for a particular reason. By doing this, you will create a positive mindset towards an unpleasant task that is coming up, so lining up a positive task after or before a negative will get you into a cleaning mood. Finally, make things your way, whatever order works for you, just remember, a clean and safe space is worth all the positive vibes, outfits, and lovely moments to have in Spring 2022!

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