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The Best End of Summer Bucket List

For many of us, August marks the month when we return to our regular activities, and we say goodbye to our beloved swimsuits, refreshing drinks, and highly appreciated Mr. Sun. As we return to school and the routine, it is important to find indoor and outdoor activities that will jump-start free play moments, stop sibling fights, break down the day with a little bit of fun or simply find a minute to cook. For this reason, Quantum X moms and entertainment experts have gathered six indoor and outdoor activities to keep your little ones distracted, happy, and ready for the upcoming back-to-school season. 

Indoor or outdoor activities? Just have fun!

Indoor and outdoor activities bring numerous health and social benefits to all family members. Outdoor activities involve exposure to Vitamin D which prevents diseases like cancer, osteoporosis, and depression. Also, these activities involve a certain amount of physical activity that promotes a better attitude and less stress. Finally, it encourages the development of social interactions by practicing empathy, interpersonal skills, and the ability to build strong friendships at a young age. On the other hand, indoor activities encourage creativity in secure spaces, develop fine motor skills, and improve memory and logical thinking skills. For these reasons, it is vital to balance indoor and outdoor activities by creating safe and clean spaces for our kids.

Clean inside, fun outside!

One of the advantages of keeping summer activities outside is that you will be able to keep indoor air clean and your spaces free of dust, mold, and dirt. For this reason, it is important to vacuum at least once a week and use your Quantum X with the appropriate attachments to tackle dirt correctly.

Plant and grow beans

The first outdoor activity will focus on fine motor skills, responsibility, and a cute yet effortless way to help the environment. It will require six items: dry beans, a mason jar, cotton, dirt, gardening tools, and a box planter. First, ensure you wash and let dry your beans, then fill up the mason jar with water and use the cotton to make a wet lid. Put the bean over the cotton and let it under a place with enough sun and water. Over the days, you can ask your kids to ensure that the bean has enough water and sun. Finally, when the bean has its roots, you can transfer it to a planter box, and it will be ready to grow. In a matter of thirty days, you will have a bean plant.  

Tourist for the day

There is nothing more fun than being a tourist for the day! New adventures, new friends, and just a drive away from home. For this activity, you will need a lot of attitudes and a fantastic spot to visit during the day. Ask your kids to wear their best tourist outfit, and you can do it too if you want to. Make sure the spot is open and you have enough time to enjoy the day. Most places have 2x1 every Wednesday or Tuesday, so you can invite a friend or make it a playdate and a mom-date; why not? These are our suggested spots for August. In Florida, The Great Explorations Childrens Museum in St Petersburg is the perfect spot for being a tourist for the day. It is open from Monday to Saturday from 10:30 am to 4:00 pm, and it is $15 for children and $12 for adults. In New York, sunsets, popcorn, and many blankets are part of this plan. The skyline drive-in Manhattan can be an excellent option to watch movies and enjoy a pretty sunset. Functions are at 9 PM during summer, entrance is $55, and seven people are allowed. In California, The Griffith observatory is a perfect spot to learn about galaxies, stars, and iconic human journeys to space. Entrance is free and open from Thursday to Sunday from 12 PM to 10 PM. Finally, Texas will take your heart away with the fantastic Elephant Sanctuary called “The preserve” and a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to meet these gentle giants. It is priced at $150 per person, and it is a fantastic 1.5-hour tour around the place and interaction with the elephants. 

 Outdoor Mini golf course.

Golf is a beautiful sport for the family, and it improves gross motor skills in the process. First, ensure you have enough balls -ping-pong balls-golf clubs - wooden sticks- and a perfect pool noodle, ropes, or card boxes. Create your golf course with your kids, get ready to have fun, work on new physical skills, and have a fantastic afternoon!

Indoor fun, indoor clean air!

As we all know, being outdoors during summer can be dangerous if done in excess. From sunstrokes to severe allergies because of the pollen and other particles in the air, it can affect our health and stop us from spending time outside. For this reason, staying indoors in clean spaces that are frequently vacuumed and cleaned is a great idea too. However, doing these on safe and covered surfaces is essential to prevent stains and others. The advantage of staying inside is that activities are easy to follow, and all of them can be done independently. However, doing these on safe and covered surfaces is essential to prevent stains.

Indoor flower paint.

This activity demands indoor and outdoor activities. For this, you will need: flowers and leaves, paint, canvas, and protection for the table kids will use. First, take a walk and ask your kid to pick flowers and leaves they like. Then, cover the area the kids will operate with plastic and take out all their favorite color paints and canvas. Finally, use the leaves and flowers to paint, taking advantage of the shapes of the leaves and flowers. Let it dry and hang the painting of your favorite artist around the house.

Indoor magic!

Who doesn't love a good science experiment that looks like magic? We promise that this activity is the absolute gold standard best, and your kids will love it! You will need food coloring, baking soda, vinegar, a water bottle, a cupcake tin, and a storage tub to avoid cleaning the mess. Start by explaining what baking soda and vinegar are and remind them to be careful. In each muffin tin hole, place food coloring and baking soda, and while you are talking, ask them what color they think will show up. Add the vinegar to each hole one at a time, and the colors of the food coloring will show up. This is easy to clean and a grand experiment to entertain your kids.

 Code inside, use it outside!

Screens are part of our lives and making the most of them is every parent's mission. We all know that being on the screens is not good, but what if we have additional + valuable screen time by learning to code? The world is moving fast, and our kids must be ready to go with it. For this reason, learning to code can be an excellent idea for our beloved tweens and teenagers. Coding is one of the latest ways to help kids understand technology and make it part of their lives. Some webpages like codespark or code wizards are the best options to teach them and introduce a new way to use technology in a fun and helpful manner.

Indoor and Outdoor Summer Activities 2022

To conclude, indoor and outdoor activities are a wonderful way to get together with family members, have an enjoyable time, and enjoy the last days of summer. However, sanitizing and keeping our spaces clean, safe, and healthy for everyone is essential. Vacuuming will prevent your space from collecting dust, dirt, bacteria, and dead skin and aggravate allergies by inhaling them. Vacuuming frequency depends on the number of people in the household, pets, types of floors, and others. What is recommended by the hygiene and interior designers is to vacuum carpets and rugs twice and hard surfaces floors once weekly. Vacuuming will prevent your space from collecting dust, dirt, bacteria, and dead skin and aggravate allergies by inhaling them.