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How to Get Rid of Your Old Vacuum and Buy a Quantum X

Do you want a new vacuum but don't know how to get rid of your old one? This Quantum X complete guide will show you three ways to discard your old vacuum and buy a Quantum X vacuum, the best water filtration vacuum on the market.  In 1930, the idea of making homemakers happy was launched in the shape of the first plastic vacuum cleaner. Almost one hundred years later, these home appliances have become our right hand for keeping indoor spaces immaculate by saving us time, energy, and money. However, the average lifespan of home appliances ranges between four to five years, meaning that a U.S family has had around twenty vacuum cleaners over the last hundred years. What happened with all home appliances? How do people get rid of it? Quantum X has gathered three effortless ways to get rid of your old vacuum and get the world's only upright water filtration vacuum during Quantum X prime week.

 Old vacuum? Marketplace is the place!

If you have a fully operational old vacuum, the best way to get rid of it is to sell it in marketplace. The general success rate for selling home appliances on these sites is about 70%, meaning that if this item is in good condition, it will take you about three days to sell it. One of the most accessible marketplaces is Facebook. This platform is easy to use; it has over 2.9 billion users and is free to post your selected home appliances. These are the steps to publish your old vacuum:

On the other hand, eBay allows users to auction their items and get the highest fee. Since it is a third-party arbitrator, it will protect you from frauds, bad service, and you only pay a 10% fee on your sale. 

Craigslist is a list of online products ready to buy. Some advantages are there are no listing fees, so it is easy to sell high-value items. It also has an identity protection feature with anonymous posting, so your privacy is not affected. 

Swap and meet your New Quantum X vacuum.

Let's say a swap meet is a market flea but elevated, and with a lot more interesting gadgets to buy. From electronics to furniture, these markets are here to stay and give your home appliances a second chance. Swap meets will help you get rid of old items, make new friends, and give a second chance to usable home appliances. Here is a list of the most remarkable swap meets. In Texas, The Bronco Swap meet is a large outdoor and indoor meet happening over the first week of May. participants can sell from home appliances to cars and has an amazing fee of $8.00. On the other hand, LIC flea and food, Long Island City in New York. This event is ready to provide delicious food, delicious beer and eclectic shopping boots and swaps. It is a free and open event; the only risk is buying too many objects that you don't need. Also, in California the Cypress Swap meet happens over the weekend, with free admission and parking, this event actively promotes to come for the bargains and stay for the fun. Finally, in Florida The Sarasota swap meet and Flea market offers an amazing array of products over the weekend. Their admission fee to swap or sell is 20 USD and they have tons of small and large crafts, as well as home appliances. 

Oldie but still goodie!

When eventually your old vacuum gives in and you just want to buy the world's first upright water filtration vacuum, you can still get some money and dispose of it in a friendly way. The first solution is to take it to a recycling center, as crazy as it sounds, manufacturers make shampoo bottles and traffic cones. Also, some scrapyards pay you for certain parts like motors, internal fans, filters, power sources, and parts covered in copper. Last, you can sell these parts in marketplaces or swap meets and help other regular users give their vacuums a second life. 

Best Water Filtration Vacuum in 2022

Quantum X vacuum was classified as the best Water Filtration vacuum by the gadget review in 2022. Quantum X vacuum adjusts automatically, has a large capacity dust cup, and most importantly, it deals with dry and wet messes, including pet hair which is a huge plus for dog and cat lovers. In addition, our water filtration vacuum uses micro-silver technology to neutralize germs, bacteria and viruses and it goes straight to the drain. To conclude, Quantum X works simultaneously like vacuum and air purifying unit, you just need to add your favorite fragrance! Anyways, enough reading and try it for yourself. It's time to get rid of your old vacuum and get a New Quantum X.