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Get Your Home Ready For The Holidays | Quantum Cleaning Hacks

We get it, our homes can be a little chaotic this time of year, and cleaning falls pretty low on our list of 'enjoyable holiday season activities'. But, as it is every year, the month of December flies by so quickly that you can often find yourself scrambling to get ready for the holiday celebrations. 

So, to help you get on top of the holiday season rush, here are our top 5 ways for getting your homes ready this holiday season…

Clean Kitchen


Before you go all out on decorating your home with holiday cheer, decluttering is a must! Start with high traffic areas and get rid of anything that takes up valuable space.

In the kitchen, have a check through the refrigerator and pantry, removing any expired or unnecessary items. Clean out the cabinets and ensure every appliance has a designed space. Have a rummage through drawers in the living area and remove any unused items from countertops. Next up, the closet! Donate any coats and summer clothing that you no longer wear, leaving plenty of hangers for any arriving guests.   

Grocery Shopping

Stock the pantry

Once your cupboards are de-cluttered it’s time to stock the pantry!

We’ve all experienced the chaotic rush of last minute shopping around the holidays, right? Stocking the pantry early and buying items in bulk will help to ensure you have everything you need in advance (and avoid chasing ‘out of stock’ items in the store).

Focus on purchasing non-perishable bulk items when they’re on sale - these can be stored in your newly decluttered pantry! Other perishable food such as meats and vegetables can be frozen and enjoyed at a later date.  Side note - if you’re hosting this year’s holiday celebrations, try to get an idea of how many people will be joining you a few weeks in advance, to avoid any last minute store dashes!


Prepare for houseguests

On the topic of house guests, if you’re going to have friends or relatives staying overnight it’s important to make sure they feel comfortable for the duration of their trip.  Beyond the surface-level cleaning and leaving out fresh towels / bed linen, adding an ‘essentials’ hamper with items such as face wipes, a toothbrush, mouthwash and other useful items will make your house guests feel welcomed and loved.

Another area to pay close attention to is the bathroom your guests will be using. To create the ‘hotel’ experience, use a squeegee to wipe down the shower, have a good scrub of the toilet and use antibacterial wipes over all surfaces. Taking these extra steps will be sure to have your guests feeling right at home. 

Cleaning Sofa  


Whilst getting the guest rooms looking tip top is a given, you really shouldn’t skip that deep clean around the rest of the home and high traffic areas. We are all aware of the basics from dusting and wiping down services to whizzing around with a vacuum, but how thorough of a job are we doing?

Now more than ever we are encouraged to maintain a healthy and germ free environment, especially if you are hosting the celebrations. So, to ensure your home is holiday ready, consider the power of a water filtration vacuum for a deeper and more thorough clean.

A water filtration vacuum such as the Quantum X can rotate a full 180 degrees, reaching areas where the dirt hides that other cleaning appliances can’t.  Not only that, the 10ft. extending hose can be used for both dry AND wet spills. Mop floors, squeegee windows and pick up liquids from a variety of materials; the Quantum X Water Filtration Vacuum will ensure your furnishings, fittings and floors come up sparkling clean in time for any visitors!

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Christmas Decorations at Home


Now it’s time for the fun stuff! Decorating your home for the holidays doesn’t have to be overwhelming or expensive.  A touch of holiday decor collected over time can transform any space into a winter wonderland. Lighted garlands, holiday themed pillows or throws, scented candles, holiday cups and dishes, traditional music and of course a Christmas tree are all ways to light up the senses and bring the holiday spirit, without visually overwhelming your home.

Looking to get the whole family involved in some fun holiday DIY? Here’s a link to our FREE downloadable Christmas Gift Box.