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Get Your Home Ready For Halloween | Quantum Cleaning Hacks

Spooky season is right around the corner!

Maybe you’re after some haunted house vibes for a scary movie marathon, trick-or-treating with the kids, or hosting a halloween party? 

We’re all about embracing holiday seasons at Quantum, so we’ve picked our favorite DIY decoration ideas to get your home Halloween ready (minus the mess!)…


Halloween family DIY Decor


First things first, to avoid a house of horrors clean up job, here are a few things we suggest you steer clear of…

  • Spray-on cobwebs (often sticky and leaves marks)
  • Real candles (dripped wax on your furniture is a big no-no)
  • Fake blood (stains, stains, stains!)
  • Glitter glue (...the name says it all)

In replacement, try testing out some cotton wool cobwebs or LED flickering candles. Hanging recyclable paper bats are a great hit around the home too! Here’s a Quantum template you can download to recreate them yourself; a fun family activity to ramp up the excitement! 


childrens DIY


Halloween mode doesn’t just stop there though! Why not take the decorations outside? To the porch, driveway or even sidewalk? Reusable decorations such as plastic or porcelain pumpkins help to minimise the mess and can be displayed year after year. You could even top them up with candy for trick-or-treaters to enjoy!


pumpkins on the porch


Ohh, and don’t forget the ghostly greetings! Simply fill a few white balloons with helium, use a black marker to create ghost faces and cover each balloon with a layer of white tulle. Be sure to attach the balloon string to something sturdy to avoid them blowing away. Out of helium? No biggie, just hang the balloons from your porch or a nearby tree. This spooky set up will be sure to get passersby into the ‘spirit’ of halloween!


party ghosts for halloween decorations


Another great DIY decoration is an active crime scene! Grab white tape or chalk to outline a body, some yellow card, a black marker for the numbers and you have yourself the perfect crime scene to startle the neighbors! 


crime scene halloween


Lastly, for those who have been raking leaves this fall… Giant yard spiders! Repurpose your black garbage bags, fill them with leaves, one large for the body, one smaller for the head. Then attach the legs, googly eyes and fangs. Get ready to see some fang-tastic reactions as people pass your yard!


Giant spiders halloween


So, if you’re after a spooky atmosphere inside or outside your home, a few simple DIY decorations will do just the job!

P.S. If things do get a little messy, just put your Quantum X Water Filtration Vac to work and clear up the remnants of your Halloween activities! 

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Happy Haunting!