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FAQs Quantum X Water Filtration Vacuum.

Frequently asked questions about Quantum X Water filtration vacuum were answered by its creators. We are ready to show you why we are the market's most effective, affordable, and usable vacuum. Do you remember the first time you got a vacuum? How long ago? What were your expectations? Do you still use it? The idea of getting a vacuum probably pops up after seeing a ridiculous amount of pet hair at home or simply making cleaning sessions more manageable and faster. What about one cleaning appliance with several functions that will dramatically improve your lifestyle? Larry York and Randy Spencer have worked tirelessly for the past 30 years to create a vacuum that delivers phenomenal cleaning results by using the power of water filtration and improving your indoor air quality!

Buying a Quantum X Water Filtration Vacuum

Every household has its own needs, and it is crucial to have the right cleaning home appliances to address them effectively. We know there is no “one size fits all” regarding vacuums, but we firmly believe one home appliance can clean and improve everyone's lifestyle. For this reason, we have interviewed Quantum X creators to answer the most frequently asked questions related to Quantum X and tell you why water filtration methods are the best!

When buying a vacuum, most people concentrate on power, suction, and edge-cleaning properties. Why Quantum X stands among other vacuums?  

Power suction vacuums have been sold for over a hundred years, and we have seen them do fantastic things like picking up bowling balls and refrigerators. Nevertheless, without the proper airflow, your vacuum can pick up all the heavy objects in the world but not dirt! Quantum X stands among other types of vacuum because it has the most effective airflow mechanism and water as its filtration method, a match made in heaven. The result? Indoor spaces are free of dust, bacteria, and allergens without spending hours and hours with filters, accessories, and other items that regular vacuums have.

Canister and upright vacuums have forever been the public favorites when cleaning. Some people state that canisters are more effective when reaching difficult spots. Meanwhile, upright vacuums are better when cleaning large areas and must be done faster. Why did you create Quantum X  as an upright water filtration vacuum?

For 85 years, there has been a canister water filtration vacuum in the market & it has done great. However, when we thought about designing the first upright water filtration vacuum, we wanted to have the best of both worlds. A void that reaches all the tough spots picks up wet & dry, and most importantly, a cleaning home appliance that will do the job by using only water, the most effective pick-up method in the market.

Quantum X has sold millions of units to American households who have stepped up and improved their lifestyle & health. What are the main functions of Quantum X?

The idea of creating an upright vacuum came from the necessity of millions of Americans who needed a void that was easy to use and had the power, capacity, and usability of a water filtration method. Consequently, our company's primary goal is to provide families with an upright vacuum with an incredible power head, 8ft hose & great accessories that will do the job effectively and reach all kinds of though spots. To end with a home free of allergens, bacteria, dust, and improving your loved ones to the maximum.

Let's talk about filters. Regular canisters and upright vacuums use HEPA filters as their selected filtration method. Why Quantum X uses WATER instead of HEPA?

To start with, let's define what HEPA is; it refers to high-efficiency particulate air filters. To simplify, plastic (PP+PET) or fiberglass is used to catch & filter all the dirt, dust, and bacteria that vacuums pick up. Since these filters are synthetic, the average vacuum loses its cleaning ability (airflow) in a matter of minutes because the filters are clogged, and the vacuum can’t breathe properly. On the other hand, when we use water as the filtration method, the vacuum will never lose airflow. This method is effective because dirt, dust, and bacteria enter the water and stick to it naturally, letting out only fresh air in the indoor space cleaned with a Quantum X vacuum.

We created it; We Use It!

Now that we have gone through all the technical side of Quantum X with our creators and why it is the must-have cleaning appliance for 2023. Let's talk about their experience with Quantum X as users. We firmly believe that using a product is the best way to know if it works. Cleaning our indoor spaces regularly boost the immune system, reduces stress, improves heart health, increases productivity, mood, and promotes a good night's sleep. For this reason, our creators not only designed it but have been using it as much as you will do; we promise! Let's dig in.

Larry and Randy, Quantum X has a fantastic variety of attachments to clean top to bottom your home; what attachments or accessories do you use the most and why?

Apart from the fact that this home appliance truly adapts to all kinds of households, the crevice tool and the upholstery brush are used the most. We love them because of their design and usability; they truly adapt to all kinds of surfaces and spaces. We engineered these for precise and sharp cleaning around all those tricky edges and hard-to-reach areas at home, and as we said before, we always had in mind that dust and bacteria hide in unusual places. Lastly, the third must-have would be the dusting brush. Its bristles help gently scrub and pick up dirt without causing any damage, and best of all, fast and easy.

Larry and Randy, from all the functions of Quantum X, what is your favorite?

We want to highlight all the functions of Quantum X. However, our favorite is the body extension, and the reason why is straightforward. When you have a regular upright vacuum, there is not much chance to use it under low furniture or spaces that are not easily accessible because. The base of the Quantum X has an 18“ Telescoping Head to reach places where all the dirt hides under 4" clearance, something no other upright vacuum can do! As a user, it allows you to clean every part of your house and reach under most couches and chairs where dust can collect for years.

Randy and Larry, we are sure most users want the best quality for the most affordable and effective price on the market. Why does Quantum X offer the best value in the market?

First of all, Quantum X is the Only Upright Water Vacuum in the World! As we state, you need Water and ONLY WATER to clean your home. No HEPA filters, no additional cost buying them, and a big smile on your face with the results of using it frequently. In addition to the fact that you are getting a cleaning appliance with technology worth 2000 USD for a fraction of the price, a real deal!

Randy and Larry, thanks for taking the time and answer all these FAQs about Quantum X. Can we ask you one more thing? What is your best-selling vacuum attachment, and why?

As Quantum X engineers, we aim to design accessories that will last as much as the vacuum. For this reason, we always recommend to our clients to get The Deluxe Pack. It has accessories that cover three significant necessities at home: the squeegee that picks up wet & dry spills, the flat surface beater brush for bed and furniture & the pet hair remover. This fantastic trio is our best-seller, and our clients genuinely love it.