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Does vacuuming reduce allergies?

Home is the place where you relax and enjoy your indoor spaces. Oddly enough, allergy symptoms often worsen at home because dust, bacteria, mold, pollen, debris, and pet hair thrive the most in closed spaces. It is essential to address the source of allergies appropriately by cleaning, promoting better indoor air quality, cleaner spaces, and healthier homes. Most importantly, vacuum regularly helps eliminate allergy triggers and relieve the most common symptoms like sneezing, stuffy nose, red or itchy eyes, wheezing, coughing, shortness of breath, and itching. We know that allergies will not disappear overnight. Our cleaning experts have gathered the best cleaning tips to reduce allergies by using Quantum X, the world’s first upright water vacuum.

What is an allergy?

To allergy-proof your home, it is essential to know what an allergy is, right?  The Penn State Hershey Medical Center states that an allergy is “an external stimulant like pollen, dust, mold, or pet hair” that threatens the immune system. In this case, our bodies release antibodies to attack the allergens and expel them through surface tissues like skin, nose, mucus, and other human fluids. One of the most common compounds removed is histamine; it constricts the airways, causes difficulty breathing, and provokes mucus secretion, known as runny nose. The Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America stated in 2022 that respiratory allergies have been among the country's most common but overlooked diseases. Therefore, frequent cleaning with the right products and home appliances is key to protecting our homes and loved ones from these.


 Allergy-proof your home

Now that you have clear what an allergy is, it is time to cover the simplest yet effective ways to allergy-proof your home. The National Sleep Foundation revealed that we spend around 35% of our day in one space, our bedroom. Consequently, it is vital to keep this area clean and fresh frequently. First, using your quantum X, vacuum your pillows, mattresses, and box springs. It will allow you to get rid of dust, allergens and bacteria accumulated over time. Make sure to vacuum your floors and carpets using one of our four fragrances, it will help you to deodorize and dehumidify your bedroom and eliminate unpleasant odors. On the other hand, curtains and blinds are germs and bacteria hubs, so washing them up or vacuuming them with the upholstery Quantum X attachments is a great idea. Finally. Remember to declutter your space to avoid the accumulation of dust.


Clean Living room!

The living room is the heart of the house, a large, comfortable, and stylish place where you and sometimes germs and allergens live comfortably. We do not want to scare you, but most of the time these spaces tend to accumulate more germs and unwanted particles than any other. For this reason, vacuuming with your Quantum X will allow you to clean effectively and get rid of dust in a safe and effortless way. Remember that the world's first upright water filtration vacuum does not have any filters, so the dust will stay in the water and not come back to your social spaces. Also, it is important to highlight that you can use Quantum X in your carpets and regular flooring, so you won't miss any spots while cleaning


More cooking, fewer allergies!

Our kitchen is usually a gathering place for family and friends – a place where memories are made and seasoned with love. In the kitchen, it is essential to change your extractor fan filter every three months. In addition, wipe up excessive moisture in your refrigerator to avoid mold growth. Lastly, make sure to keep garbage in an appropriate bin, and store food- including pet food- in sealed containers. Finally, every time there is a wet or dry spill, you don’t need to use a mop or a million clots to pick up the mess, just use your quantum X which is able to pick it up and leave the spot like it never happened!

Does vacuuming reduce allergies?

Brooms kick up more dust than they remove, so when cleaning for allergies you want to be certain you’re vacuuming. In this case, the American Academy of Allergy, Asthma & Immunology (AAAI) recommends using a vacuum with an appropriate particle picker, which will keep all the gems in one place and not spread it around your home. For this reason. The quantum X vacuum will do the job when reducing allergies in a safe, easy, yet effective way. Try your Quantum X today, you won’t regret it.