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Bye-Bye Stress, Bye-bye Dust

A free dust home can impact your mental health positively and decrease exposure to stressful situations by improving your mood and lifestyle. The world health organization defines self-care as ”the ability of individuals to improve their health, prevent disease and maintain a specific lifestyle by compiling into activities that bring happiness and well-being.”  In addition, experts state that having a clean and decluttered space promotes joy, gratitude, wholeheartedness, and peace. However, if finding time to clean is hard, finding time to self-care is even harder. For this reason, Quantum X is ready to introduce the top 5 cleaning habits with an extra dose of self-care to say bye-bye- to stress and dust today!


Bye-bye dust, Hello pretty hair and smooth face!

Self-care routines for your face and hair, as well as cleaning routines, can be very demanding. Especially because both require time, effort, and incredible products. Consequently, we have found the perfect cleaning habit to self-care and say Hello to fabulous hair, smooth skin, and incredibly clean home. Why not incorporate these three tasks into one? First, select a face and hair mask based on your skin and hair concerns - hydrating, brightening, pore shrinking, or hair growth. We recommend rose oil face mask because it is an antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and emollient. For your hair, we suggest Rosemary oil because it will promote growth, strengthen your nerve growth and improve circulation. To complete your self-care & cleaning session. We suggest using Quantum X vacuum safely pick up dust, allergens, and bacteria. It uses water as our filtration method, meaning that when you are done, all of these unwanted guests at home will be in the Quantum X water tank, ready to be disposed outside, not recirculating in all of your indoor spaces. Say bye-bye to the dust & hello to pretty hair and smooth face today with Quantum X.


Podcast/music on, self-care on & bacteria off!

Deep cleaning your bathroom is one of the most demanding tasks in your cleaning routine & to be honest, not many of us enjoy it very much. The cleaning habit is demanding, but having a great podcast or playlist can make the work less annoying. Experts state that having a positive approach to demanding tasks can significantly reduce boredom and anxiety. In other words, making time for yourself, learning something & get your indoor spaces ready for relaxation can become a great cleaning routine. If you want to make it more personal, get your headphones on, your favorite comfy clothes, and get your bathroom ready for a spa-like experience afterward! Do not forget Quantum X water filtration vacuum is a great tool to sanitize your bathroom. Our vacuum uses micro-silver technology - used in hospitals and water plants to attack the DNA of microbes and prevent the ability to multiply-. This means that every time you clean and listen to your favorite playlist/podcast, you are also deep cleaning and getting rid of dangerous bacteria for you & your loved ones. Put the volume up and the bacteria off with Quantum X 

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Bye-bye stress, Aromatherapy has entered the chat.

When you finish your cleaning routine, the main goal is to have a fresh-smelling home, right? We haven't told you this yet, but Quantum X and its amazing fragrances have entered the chat to have a one-on-one aromatherapy session with you! While we work on cleaning your home, we also want to ensure your indoor spaces smell fantastic. Quantum X creators have thought about you from beginning to end, including four amazing fragrances: fresh linen, apple, eucalyptus/menthol, and tropical breeze for you to enjoy. Fill up your Quantum X tank with water, add some drops of your preferred fragrance & turn it on. In a couple of minutes,  you will have a built-in aromatizer in your Quantum X, spreading the best fragrances around your home. Aromatherapy entering the chat is a reality with Quantum X water filtration vacuum, get yours today!


Hello 2023 fit body

Working out improves your physical & mental health by reducing the risk of illness and depression. Trainers and health experts state that doing ten thousand steps daily is the best way to keep your body moving. However, working at a desk, cleaning your house, and caring for yourself can be overwhelming. Vacuuming involves walking, and the contraction of internal abdominal muscles is a form of endurance and light strength training. Quantum Vacuum will keep your work-out (not work-out!) uninterrupted by providing an impressive cord length, a ten-foot hose, and an 18-inch cleaning wand that will help you reach underneath furniture and objects without stopping during the process. Self-care looks good on you & Quantum X is ready to help!

Hello tidy-up home!

The finishing touch of every cleaning routine is to tidy up. It is essential to look around your indoor spaces and organize all those little things that look out of place. Charging cables, crumpled throws, clothes to be folded, fluff the pillows, and reorganize your home. While taking care of those finishing touches, ensure you check in with yourself too. When was the last time you drank water? Did you get your vitamins today? While tidying up is the last and one of the most essential details in your cleaning routine, taking your vitamins and supplements is the finishing touch to improving your lifestyle and taking care of your health. Tidy up inside and outside; you will thank us later!

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Self-care is also taking care of your family, and we are ready to say bye-bye to stress and hello to an amazing 2023 with clean indoor air, and a revitalized body with Quantum X. Get yours today!