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BREATH OF FRESH AIR: Must-have home appliances to improve indoor air quality.

A breath of fresh air!

Thinking of Mother’s Day gift? Is she a lover of clean and relaxed spaces? Giving mom a breath of fresh air at home would make the perfect and healthiest gift! Not only because you are taking care of her, but also because the quality of air, heart rate, skin, sleep pattern, digestive and immune system will improve. Knowing all the advantages of clean air is particularly important, but how to make it possible at home and only with a couple of home appliances?  How can we tackle germs, dust, and pollutants present in indoor air spaces? The solution is simple: home appliances that keep indoor air clean, fresh, and healthy!


What is indoor air quality (IAQ) and why is it so important?

IAQ refers to the levels of cleanliness of the air in different indoor spaces based on the number of pollutants in the air. According to EPA (United States Environmental Protection Agency) Americans spend around 22 hours indoors, where pollutants are often 2 to 5 times higher than in outdoor concentrations. Clear examples of pollution indoors can be biological pollutants like bacteria, viruses, and mites, home appliances like tumbler dryers and water heaters that expulse carbon monoxide, the use of chemical products like bleach, bathroom cleaners, stain removers, pesticides, pressed wood products like paneling, floors, furniture tops, and lead like paint, among others. Now, it is quite easy to identify the sources of pollution indoors, but how do we know the quality of our indoor air? What can we do to avoid bad IAQ?

Identifying bad indoor air quality?

Bad IAQ refers to the accumulation of airborne particles in places like counters, bedside tables, and surfaces, in other words, moms biggest and worst enemy DUST.  To make it more like your enemy, dust is composed by dead skin cells, soil lifted by wind, volcanic eruptions, sand, pollution and is a continual source of exposure, mainly because it recirculates throughout the house, picking up substances to return once again to the floor, AC, fans, surfaces, carpets, clothes, and indoor spaces where we spent most of our time like bedrooms, kitchen, and offices. Considering that this can be happening at this very moment, do you experience headaches, dizziness, fatigue, irritation of nose, eyes, throat, for no apparent reason? Have you thought it might be related to the quality of air? Dust is not your guest, but sadly it can go everywhere, including your lungs. For these reasons, the saviors of the day are here, the three home appliances that will help you keep your IAQ to the best standards and make mom happy, and healthy by taking a breath of fresh air.

Dehumidifier and air purifier

The function of these two home appliances is to clean and purify the air of indoor spaces by suctioning moisture from the air, removing odors, purifying the air and tackling viruses that provoke allergies and diseases like cancer by eliminating airborne pollutants and keep them in water filters that need to be changed regularly. In addition to this, you can keep your home stylish because they come in a wide array of colors, shapes, trends, and your home will smell like heaven every time.

Range hoods

Range hoods are designed to expel gases and odors from indoor spaces, providing valuable filtering to support your stove and other kitchen appliances that are pollutants. These range hoods help keep your indoor air clean by keeping pollutants in a filtration system, airborne grease or putting it back again in the space. The key feature of this home appliance is that it removes toxic pollutants and gases from the air coming from cooking, especially from meat and vegetables. In addition, it helps to cut down the growth of bacteria, mold, vents, carbon monoxide and heat. Finally, it provides better kitchen lighting, property value, as well as better cooking and living comfort.



Vacuums were created to remove and clean all kinds of surfaces by removing airborne pollutants containing dust, chemicals, viruses, mold, and others. It is important to choose a vacuum that keeps the dust in one place and away from your loved ones. Quantum X uses water filtered technology that allows you to clean without worrying about dust everywhere because it all goes in the water, and even better zero filters. In addition, it uses micro silver technology to reduce germs in the air by more than 90%. Finally, Quantum X clean and deodorize at the same time by using your preferred fragrance in the water basin, and pressing the deodorize switch, and done, you will have from fifteen to up to two hours of clear, clean, and amazing smell at home.