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5 Resolutions For A Happy, Healthy, Organized Home in 2022

New Year, New Home Habits!

As we are all too familiar with, the new year brings many resolutions and high hopes for a transformation in your lifestyle. However, instead of setting the typical ‘weight loss goals’, why not look to setting some healthy habits to implement in your home?  

Your home environment can have a much bigger impact on your physical and mental health than you may realize, particularly since more and more people are working from home.

So, here are 5 practical steps to get your home clean, fresh and set up for a great start to 2022.

Fridge Organization

Clear Out The Clutter

Not only can clutter reduce the time you spend cleaning, but de-cluttering will help to provide a stress-free sanctuary to call home. 

Let’s start from room to room…

Chipped mugs in the cupboard that you can’t bid farewell to? Salad dressing in the fridge from 2020?  It’s time to clear out the contents of your kitchen that don’t get used or have long expired.

Now onto your living areas, magazines on your coffee table with last years ‘news’? Loose wires around the TV unit that fit no appliances? It’s time to get rid! 

For your bedroom and bathroom spaces, anything that you haven’t used for the past 6-12 months - you guessed it, it’s time to part ways (that includes the dry mascara in your make-up bag!).

Last but not least, venture into your wardrobe and clear out / donate any items of clothing you haven’t worn for the last year …including the shorts that fit 10 years ago (pre-covid lockdown resolutions are good to go!). Anything seasonal can be packed away and ready for the change in weather.  You’ll be amazed at the difference a good clear out can have on your physical and mental health!

Messy Lounge

Find Better Storage Solutions

Another way to beat the clutter is to find better storage solutions. 

So, where to start?  Take a look around your main living area and see which items are in places they don’t belong; jackets thrown over the sofa? Your child’s toys under every nook and cranny? Half read books or paperwork?  Identify those problem areas and locate storage solutions for the items that clutter up your home.

P.S. This doesn’t mean shoving everything you’ve ever owned into the designated junk draw, attic, garage or basement.  

Sure, these areas are meant for storage, but if you’re still hoarding old boxes of college work and containers of unused items, then it’s time to sort through the chaos and make room for items worth storing.

Painting the house

Tackle Miscellaneous ‘Handyman’ Tasks

We all have the odd scuffed cabinet, and jobs around the house which have been on the back burner for far too long! 

Making small fixes doesn’t always feel like the most important task when it comes to upgrading your living environment, but believe us when we tell you how amazing it will feel to finally start ticking off that ‘To-Do’ list.  

So, whether it be fixing that broken drawer or adding a fresh coat of paint around the house, let 2022 be the year we get to work and keep your home in check!

Household Chores

Create a Cleaning Schedule

Now the larger tasks have been tackled, a cleaning schedule is a great way to keep your home looking fresh throughout the year.

There’s nothing quite like the overwhelming feeling of the dishes piling up and your house feeling dirty. So, start by breaking up the tasks into smaller activities / areas (and roping in those you live with for help!).  Keeping your house clean and healthy will become a lot more manageable with the use of a cleaning schedule.

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Deep Clean Home

Deep Clean Forgotten Areas

The Oven

Remember when your Thanksgiving mac & cheese overflowed whilst cooking?  Well, that was 2 months ago, it’s time to clean the oven!

While an oven is one of the most used appliances in a kitchen, it’s often the most forgotten area to clean.  So, for both hygienic and safety reasons, let it be a new year resolution to clean your oven and microwave spaces regularly.

The Windows

Second up on the list of forgotten areas are your windows! Over time your windows can become damaged by hard water, dirt and debris.  

Adding this into your cleaning schedule on a monthly basis will help to remove these elements and extend the lifespan of your windows.

Furnishings and Floors

Last but very not least, when was the last time you gave your sofa a good clean? Or the carpets and rugs around the house? 

These areas carry the weight of our daily lives, so it’s no surprise that bacteria, pollen, dead skin and dust are just a few of the things lurking in the comforts of your home.

So, while this may not be the most exciting of new year’s resolutions, giving these areas the vacuum and clean they deserve it’s a must!

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