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5 Health benefits of vacuuming with Quantum X Vacuum!


Have you ever walked home and smelt the fresh air from a clean space? Isn't it the best feeling to walk barefoot on clean floors and carpets? Keeping your house clean is one of the first steps to achieving a healthy lifestyle. A dirty area in a 3-bedroom household can retain dust, pollen, dirt, and unwanted bacterial particles that promote adverse health reactions like asthma and dust allergies. The University of Arizona stated that "Vacuuming regularly improves 75% of indoor air quality by eliminating 91.5% of the dust and bacteria around your house" (Corsi, Chiang, 2008). Vacuuming protects carpets, floors, and provides superior indoor air quality, among other health benefits.


Vacuuming regularly improves your home hygiene by eliminating allergens and dust. Lately, cleaning has become a way to keep our spaces tidy and organized, but the best way to keep virus-like COVID-19 away! Cleaning your indoor spaces frequently helps you create spotless yet healthy environments for your loved ones. In fact, the cleaning process does not have to belong or be tedious; it will just take you about 10 to 20 minutes to complete an area. You will be thinking, why am I so sure? Quantum vacuum uses Micro-silver Technology to purify and kill germs, helping you get the job done fast, effectively, and without missing one little dusty space or germ. The cherry on top, you can use one of the four fragrances to aromatize the air and make your cleaning experience even more rewarding. You're welcome!


Vacuuming improves your physical health and reduces the risk of illness by walking and light strength training. We know that putting ten thousand steps daily is hard, and sometimes working, keeping your house clean, and taking care of yourself can be overwhelming. Vacuuming involves walking and the contraction of internal abdominal muscles that are used as a form of endurance and light strength training. Quantum Vacuum will keep your work-out (not work-out!) uninterrupted by providing an impressive cord length, a ten-foot hose, and an 18-inch cleaning wand that will help you reach underneath furniture and objects without stopping during the process. Now, I would say that working out and keeping your house clean has never been this easy and why not? Look good on you!



Quantum Vacuums use water as their filtration medium, meaning you don't need to worry about replacing filters. Usually, when cleaning with regular vacuums, all the dust, germs, and microorganisms like bacteria and viruses end up in filters or bags that you must replace regularly. What is the biggest problem with it? Quite simple, a clogged filter restricts the airflow, meaning that all the dust and dirt from your carpets and floors won't be cleaned up effectively. In addition, the rest of the particles are either in the air, floors, carpet or even worse, hands or lungs! Quantum vacuums use water as their filtration method, meaning you only have to fill up the basin with enough clean water, vacuum your house and when you are done, just throw away the dirty water. How amazing is that? dust and germs in the drain, not in your hands, not in your floors, not in your lungs!


Vacuuming stops the formation of mold preventing respiratory diseases. Mold is a type of fungi that can grow in multicellular structures like wet carpets, spaces with poor lighting, and dust. Do you remember that day when someone spilled water, and you did not clean the carpet right away? Did you spot those tiny black dots? Guest what? You manage to grow mold without even knowing or wanting. As mold can be present anywhere in your house, the side effects can be among your loved ones too. Molds produce allergens (substances promoting allergic reactions) and irritants that, if you touch them or inhale them, can encourage hay fever-symptoms like sneezing, runny nose, skin rash, colds, red eyes, and asthma attacks. Now, what is the best way to avoid all of these? Simply by using our Quantum X with clean, freshwater, making sure we do it regularly, and most importantly, using the fantastic led-light feature that will allow you to reach the innermost spaces at home.


Vacuuming regularly improves indoor air and quality of sleep. At night, human respiratory rhythm decreases, meaning we take longer breaths and breathe way more air than during the day. For this reason, the clean indoor air becomes more critical at night, but when was the last time you did a deep cleaning in your bedroom, including your mattress? Do you clean the furniture regularly, but not so often your bedding and mattress? Now this space could be heaven for some unpleasant guests like a build-up of skin cells, germs, viruses, dust, mold, and others. In simple words, you are sleeping and breathing the most in your house's dirtiest (in your head, the cleanest) place.

For this reason, it is essential to vacuum your mattress every two-to-three month and wash your bedding every two weeks. To make sure you are cleaning your mattress effectively with Quantum X vacuum, keep your water basin clean and with freshwater, vacuum around the bed frame, baseboard, carpeting, and furniture nearby, vacuum under your bed, and leave some time your mattress without any bedding. These tips will provide you with the best cleaning schedule to keep bedding and mattresses fresh, clean, and germ-free, significantly improving your sleep quality and lifestyle.

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