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3 Things To Consider When Shopping For A Vacuum Cleaner

3 Things To Consider When Shopping For A Vacuum Cleaner

Buying the ideal vacuum cleaner seems like a pretty straightforward task. However, as soon as you start your search you can be met with a ton of marketing and tech jargon, along with a variety of different shapes, sizes, colors and prices can get a little complicated!

So, we decided to simplify your search by listing 3 of the most important features to consider before making a purchase and choosing the perfect vacuum for your needs...


Filtration Technology

Have you ever noticed an unusual smell coming from your vacuum whilst using it? Ordinary vacuums with old filter technology just spit dust, dead skin, hair and bacteria back into the air, before it re-settles on the floor and furniture. Yuk!

To avoid this, water filtration vacuums are highly recommended. Water naturally traps dirt, dust, germs, and allergens, so it’s the perfect filter for all the toxins floating around your home! No musty odors, no dust exhaust, and a significant difference in the quality of air you breathe!

The Quantum X Vacuum is the world’s first (& only!) upright water filtration vac.  It’s system is built with Micro-Silver technology that instantly neutralizes viruses and bacteria. Water is able to capture mold spores, bacteria, fungus and even viruses… Everything that’s way too small for cloth, foam or HEPA filters to trap.  Plus, being able to pour away the dirt, dust and grim that your vacuum has captured is super satisfying!

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Suction Power

A vacuum cleaner with low suction power may get the visible dust to disappear, but the chances are it’s not removing the harmful level of grime hidden beneath the surface. A high suction power vacuum cleaner is far more effective in removing dirt hidden away in your carpets and furnishings.

Your floor type can also dictate the level of suction you require.  For hard / wooden floors, a lower suction vacuum may suffice, but those carpets and rugs require a much higher deep cleaning.

Some of our customers put their old vacs to the test against a Quantum X vacuum. Check out The Quantum Challenge and see for yourself! …You don’t want to miss this! 

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Contrary to common belief, your vac can be used for so much more than just cleaning the carpets.  So, it’s advised that before you purchase your new cleaning appliance, check out what accessories are available for it.

Up first is the most common, a crevice tool.  This is perfect for getting in between cracks and crevices. Another great accessory is a dusting brush. This can be used to clean the dust out of air conditioning vents, closets and bookshelves.  Along with an upholstery brush that will help to give your couch and other furniture a much needed deep clean.

Pet paw prints. Muddy home.

Also, if you did opt for the Quantum X Water Filtration Vacuum, their 10-foot hose attachment picks up both dry AND wet spills. It can be used to mop floors, squeegee windows, and pick up liquids. These wet spills are so easy to handle by just running over them - particularly useful for anyone with furry friends. Pet accidents are no problem and the dog hair never clogs filters or entangles any rollers. 

Whatever vacuum you choose, taking into consideration the 3 factors listed above should help protect you from heavily investing in a vacuum that delivers below your expectations. If you’re still on the fence and after some more information, feel free to reach out to one of our Vacuum Specialists on either Facebook or Instagram!

P.S.  If you’re interested in seeing how a water filtration vacuum compares to your current one, why not take the Quantum Challenge and see for yourself?! 

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