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Unbelievable how this vacuum has changed the quality of my family's life. We have suffered from airborne allergens for a long time, but no more!

"I vacuumed with my old vacuum and the canister was full. Then I did the Quantum, I was amazed and disgusted at the same time. I have 2 dogs and 1 cat and always thought my vacuum was doing great and now I truly know how much was left in my carpets. Will never use another brand, after everything it picked up I'm hoping to see serious improvement in allergies, I'm allergic to dust and thought I was using top of the line."

 - Carleen K, New York

"NO more bags. I hated cleaning filters and buying bags. Quantum has great suction, I'm sure the bag ones do to but no matter how you slice it, if it doesn't use water there is a filter or multiple filters and dust is getting in the air. You will be happy you got the Quantum. I am."

 - Chris L, Arizona

"We have owned a Rainbow for 25 years. It needed a new motor and we were not willing to pay for that or nearly $3,000 for a new Rainbow. Quantum is made of high quality materials. The suction is absolutely amazing and comparable to or better than a Rainbow without the high price."

 - William and Karen, Florida

"These vacuums suck a ton of stuff out of your carpet, it is crazy. I wanted a rainbow but decided on this because it’s 1/6 of the price."

 - Tory W, Nebraska

The Newest Water Filtration Technology

Uses Absolutely No Traditional Filters!

"I was blown away by the Rainbow product but that price tag was just way too high. I began to look at my current vacuum with contempt as it was super ineffective as demonstrated by the Rainbow salesman. I began to search online for water-filtered vacuums and I stumbled upon the Quantum. The reviews were good and the price was much more manageable. The warranty was even better so I gave it a shot. Have vacuumed every room multiple times and it works flawlessly! The broom for hard surfaces is great also. The only hassle is changing the water after use but that is part of the reason that the vacuum works so well. Without the water we would be stuck with a conventional unit that doesn't perform as well. Our carpets look and feel cleaner and we couldn't be more please with it."

 -Jimmy P, North Carolina

"I thought we had a good vacuum, until a Rainbow representative did a demo at our house. I realized my current vacuum wasn’t picking up. Thankfully after a lot of research I found the Quantum Vacuum, and boy, I’m so happy I did. All the specs on the system were superior to competitors but a price that was actual worth it. Plus Quantum has fun colors to choose from and the light in the basin was a neat feature too - I mean this vacuum looks awesome! When we got it, it performed amazingly and I find myself vacuuming less because I know it does it’s job right. I highly recommend the Quantum Vacuum. LOVE LOVE LOVE!"

 - Andrea R, Florida 

"Recently had a Rainbow presentation at the house. This was my first exposure to water filtered vacuum cleaners. However, despite the glowing reviews, $2500 was a lot of money. Researched this product and I am in love. LOVE. If you have pets... do it. If you have allergies... do it. If you take the cleanliness of your home to the next level.... do it. I'ven sharing videos and photos with my friends non stop. Incredible product."

 - Bridgett J, Ohio

"I am always flustered by the fact that the smell is always recirculated into the house regardless of how clean or new the filters are. I cannot count the vacuums I have bought, all work great for a few months then stop. I got this today and I am in love, no more bad exhaust smell."

 - Kim B, Florida

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Matthew Jobson reviewed Quantum Vacuum

"Put it to good use on a carpet that was neglected and riddled with dog hair. This vacuum is amazing. I should have got a video of the sludge it picked up. Unreal!. Anyways this vac is the real deal. I have used an upright for pretty much my whole life so ill have to get used to lugging it around and disassembling it after using. But don't let that scare you. The color of the water after only doing one room is more than enough to get past having to clean it, and not to mention it has a built-in air purifier. Got it in 4 days even though Hurricane Irma rocked the east coast. Thanks for the amazing product. Cheers."

Josh Huntley reviewed Quantum Vacuum

"Unbelievable how this vacuum has changed the quality of my family's life. We have suffered from airborne allergens for a long time, but no more! Love the timer too. Just let it run when i leave for work, and it smells so fresh when I return."

Joe Scott reviewed Quantum Vacuum

"I bought this vacuum because of the micro silver particles built into it that purify the air. I've loved that feature of it, and often use it as a portable air purifier in my home. I also love the fact that when I turn it on, I don't get a whiff of old nasty dust that was building up in the vacuum like with all my old vacuum cleaners. I love that it is water based and I can see what it picked up -- and pour it out, instead of pulling out a bag or dumping dry material out of a canister and worrying that I'm going to breathe that stuff in my lungs as I'm doing so. This is a great vacuum cleaner... I highly recommend it!"

Best Vacuum for the price $500 is a lot better than $3000

"OMG!!! I cannot say enough about this vacuum cleaner. I had a friend buying a Rainbow and had the demonstration at the house and could not believe what the water looked like. Rainbow did a fabulous job, but I cannot afford $3000 for a vacuum cleaner and don't have the time to do 12 demos. For 6 months I have been wanting this vacuum. My old vacuum died the week before Mother's day (Seriously it did). I asked my husband for this one since it is only $500 and a new regular one is going to cost almost $200. He said yes!!! I have long hair and thanks to a non existence thyroid is falling out all the time. I knocked the power head over and look at the beater bar. After vacuuming the whole house it looked like a hair brush. I "trimmed" the hair off the beater bar and up it went in to the bowl. My son actually wanted to dust with it."

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