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The Lazy 30-min Spring Cleaning Session

This list is for all the “Have fun today, clean later”  people preparing for Spring by cleaning with a lazy 30-min cleaning session. Let's all be honest, not all of us are cleaning butterflies who enjoy tidying up and cleaning every corner of the house, and it's absolutely fine! The fact that some of us want to invest our time doing something else or do not enjoy cleaning doesn't mean we can't have a clean home in less than 30 min. The lazy 30-min Spring cleaning Session, specially curated by Quantum X cleaning experts, is the GO-TO list to get all hands on deck, including your Quantum X, and make it happen in a heartbeat!

Calling out All The Spring Lazy Cleaners

Once upon a time, lazy cleaners had their homes ready for spring without investing the whole day cleaning. Not a fairytale, just the laziest cleaning session and a really cool cleaning appliance(our favorite secret)! As the cleaning gurus state, spring cleaning brings a feeling of accomplishment and eliminates bacteria, dust, and allergens that have been with you over winter. Since we all love to start small and go from there, the first step is fav playlist and going straight to bed. Not quite literally, changing your bedsheets can be quite the start, then get your Quantum X ready with some Quantum X fragrance drops and ready to go, clean, and eliminate all hazards in a heartbeat. After your bed is vacuumed, made, and decluttered in less than 7 minutes, you are ready to go.


Lazy Spring Mode: ON

We all want our Marie Kondo mode out during Spring. However, the lazy spring mode ON can be more enjoyable and less demanding. Forget about the mop & the broom; these are not part of our lazy cleaning sessions. On the contrary, Quantum X  water filtration IS. A cleaning appliance that can be used everywhere & anytime is the most essential part of our lazy cleaning session. Quantum X comes to the rescue with a powerful filtration method, zero filters policy, and unreal cleaning accessories to tackle dirt, dust, & unwanted guests like a PRO. Now, the most important thing, let's make it happen in less than 15 minutes. First, declutter and put back all items around the house. Second, use your 8ft hose or the 18’ inches telescopic head to clean everywhere in just one pass. Third, with the PRO accessories, use them through your furniture, and voila. This is quite literal, but done and dusted in 15 minutes!

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The Lazy Spring Cleaning Habits

We have already taken 23 minutes of that cleaning session in the essentials, so we will go through all those lazy spring cleaning habits that will make the difference. First, invest in good disinfectant wipes and ensure you do it daily; it will take away the weight of wiping everything in one day. Second, your Quantum X is your best friend; you can pick up wet & dry spills, aromatize the indoor areas, and clean all kinds of surfaces without changing accessories or functions. Third, keep your kitchen organized and wash the plates as soon as you are done; a clean kitchen makes a huge difference. Last but not least, choosing 2 days for laundry instead of one makes a huge difference; as soon as your clothes are out of the dryer, fold/hang them; it will avoid the ironing session for most clothes. 

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The Lazy 30-min Spring cleaning session

A lazy Spring session will always work when you have the right tools, and Quantum X is here to show you how cleaning is done. Join us and participate in the water filtration revolution, which will make your life easy and healthier. Get your Quantum X on time for Spring here!