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Selling Your Home in 2023? | The Best Cleaning Checklist for Homeowners

Quantum X and expert realtors all over the country have partnered up to create an under-2-hour cleaning checklist for all the homeowners selling their places this 2023. Suppose your realtor just called announcing that potential buyers will be coming to view your home in the next couple of hours, and your heart just sunk! What to do? Where to start cleaning? It is funny to read until it is not, and funny enough, you might be in that position. To be honest, I almost feel that realtors choose those days when you barely made it out of the door to schedule viewings, and yes, we know the feeling!  However, it is time to stop thinking about the dishes piling up on the sink, and the overflowed laundry basket, and come out with a great solution. Get your home ready with us and show the potential buyers your home is the best option!

How to make your home immaculate in just under 2 hours?

First impressions last forever, and when buying a home, first impressions are a decisive factor. This is your sign to focus on effective cleaning and getting those little details ready for your potential buyers. Real state experts say that 76% of buyers think a home that smells good is more welcoming and “feels like home.” In other words, a clean & aromatized space has 3 times more chance of being bought in a record time! In addition,  66% of house hunters agree that a  tidy-up home help buyers visualize new ideas and space improvements at a better scale.  Homeowners & buyers have spoken; now let's go with the facts. Quantum X will help you clean & disinfect your home in less than 15 minutes and keep it immaculate for potential buyers! 

What cleaning appliances should you use?

If you want to make your home the perfect place for potential buyers, there are must-have home appliances that will help you to score the cleanest & most welcoming home. In this case, cleaning and organizing requires a home appliance that picks up all kinds of mess, leaves your indoor air clean, and, most importantly, picks up bacteria, dust, and dog hairs all at once. You can use as many cleaning appliances as you want, but we can guarantee there is one that will cover all of your needs. Quantum X is the first upright vacuum that picks up wet & dry messes, cleans 98% of your indoor air, and uses water to filter dust, bacteria, and dog hair everything at the same time. No more running around with brooms, mops, tablecloths, and the old marigold gloves; just get your Quantum X and vacuum your selling cleaning checklist away!

How will it improve your potential buyer's experience?

Taking care of those little details by having a -15 minutes cleaning checklist can make a huge difference when improving your potential buyer's experience. Keep them organized, clean, and bright from the kitchen to the laundry room; this easy-to-follow checklist will save you on those crazy hectic days that become big selling days. Using your Quantum X and all its accessories, you will get to those unreachable spots like lighting fixtures and under 4” furniture. In addition, by using the 8” hose and accessories, you will be able to clean curtains, blinds, and higher spots at home; including art work frames and paintings. Last but not least, disinfecting bathrooms and hard surfaces will be a breeze with Quantum X unique micro-silver technology, leaving your indoor spaces free of bacteria and foul odors. Finally, to pick up all of your best friend's little hairs, we have the perfect additional luxury accessories to keep them out of your buyers' sight and outside your home. Last but not least, make your home smell like a clean breeze paradise or a tropical retreat by using the best Quantum X fragrances.  House proud and ready to sell your home with Quantum X vac, let's do it!