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President of the Vacuums Club | Quantum X Vacuum

Presidents day is here & we are about to introduce you to the president of the vacuums club. Vacuum cleaners are those inevitable tools everyone needs to make their home clean. For this reason, Quantum X has earned the title of the best 2023 water filtration vacuum on the market & the president of the vacuums club. We could not expect more from the only upright water filtration vacuum on the market that offers impressive functionality, incredible cleaning power, and picks up dry & wet spills, all with one single appliance. We all know that versatility is king in cleaning/vacuum.  Quantum X was designed to go through all kinds of surfaces, not only to clean but disinfect, using micro-silver technology and LED lights to avoid missing a spot! As the presidents of the vacuum club, we work daily to make your home cleaner and healthier by using unique accessories and features. On presidents day 2023, we are happy to introduce the Quantum X & its FREE DELUXE KIT to make your cleaning routine a breeze.  

Presidential home fragrances.

Quantum X  fragrances will give you a true presidential home scent. Presidential homes have always been characterized as having pleasant fragrances that transmit a feeling of power and well-being. On the other hand, scent experts & interior designers state that “fragrances have a huge impact on your emotions, relationships, thoughts and in general your well-being.” However, knowing where to start and how to use fragrances to uplift your home aesthetics could be challenging. Consequently, we have come to terms with luxury & clean spaces by creating a set of 4 fragrances for you to try. From fresh linen to all the white and neutral home aesthetics to tropical breeze for vibrant and modern homes, these four fragrances are a must-try with your quantum X. We have two effective methods to aromatize your home. First, add a few drops of the fragrance and vacuum your home. No time to void? Add some drops to the water tank and turn it on; it will aromatize and dehumidify your home without moving a finger. Are you ready to add a true presidential home scent to your home with Quantum X? Get your water filtration vacuum and FREE Deluxe Kit here HERE! and dont forget to add our amazing set of 4 fragances HERE!

The President of the Vacuum Club

Quantum X has been ranked as the best 2023 water filtration vacuum on the market, and everyone at the vacuum club knows it. Quantum X cleaning system is built with micro-silver technology, neutralizing bacteria and mold, viruses, and other dangerous allergens for your health. However, as every president must have an A-class staff, Quantum X has the highest quality accessories for you to use. The micro-silver head replacement function traps dust and allergens in the water and stops them from recirculating in your indoor spaces. In other words, everything cloths, foam, or HEPA filters from regular vacuums can't pick up. Get our A-class Micro-silver accessory today & make it part of your Quantum X water filtration club members! Quantum X vacuum and its Micro-silver head; pick it up & get it outside your home, no excuses! Get our A-class Micro-silver accessory today & make it part of your Quantum X water filtration club members!

Presidents Day Free Deluxe Kit!

Are you ready to meet the honorary members of the Quantum X Vacuum club? The Quantum X Deluxe kit is here to show you why they are the must-have accessories for your vacuum. To start with, there is nothing better than a product that adapts to your needs, right? Quantum X creators have thought about easy-to-use, affordable, and, most importantly, functional accessories. The Deluxe kit includes 3 unique accessories that will pick up dust, liquids, and pet hair in a heartbeat. How do you use them? Easy, attach your accessories to the Quantum X flex hose, and ready to use!

Quantum X Deluxe Kit honorary members

The Quantum X deluxe kit is designed to meet your family's needs and adapt to your cleaning routines. Our hardwood brush has notches in the front of the brush to effectively pick up air and debris by providing maximum support with its multipurpose felt rollers. This tool is essential for cleaning linoleum, marble, tiles, and hardwood.  On the other hand, talking about essentials, we have created an air-driven pet hair remover for all families with pets. This tool works with the latest rolling airflow technology to pick up all types of pet hair effectively. You can use it in couches, chairs, upholstery, and mattresses. In a matter of minutes, all the hairs of your furry babies will go straight to the Quantum X water tank.  Last, the water filtration vacuum club star, the squeegee! Quantum X runs on water, which makes it the perfect cleaning appliance to pick up wet & dry spills.  No more wet hands, no more mop, no more million smelly cloths. Join today Quantum X  water filtration revolution that picks up wet & dry using just one cleaning appliance! 

Quantum X & Free Deluxe kit!

Now that you have met all the Quantum X vacuum club members, it is time to make Quantum X part of your family; you won't regret it! Getting 2000 -worth of technology at the best and most affordable price on the market has always been challenging. Upgrade your cleaning sessions with us and make them easier for everyone at home. For this reason, celebrating presidents day, from the 17th of February 2023 to Monday 20th of February 2023 until midnight,  buy your quantum X Water filtration Vacuum and  get a FREE Quantum X deluxe kit! Get it HERE today.