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Post-Halloween Clean-Up Will Not Be Scary This Year


Halloween is here, and Quantum X is ready to make the post-Halloween cleaning session easier. From children to adults, we all enjoy these festivities by dressing up as our favorite characters and using glitter, wigs, face paint, and other not so easy to clean costume accessories. Nevertheless, this year you have nothing to worry about; Quantum X is ready for the cleaning session afterward. From the macabre face paint stains to the spine-tingling melted chocolate in the carpet, our cleaning experts are prepared to show you how to get over the cleaning nightmare after Halloween 2022 celebrations.

Tonight We Fly!

Witches and broomsticks have been the biggest Halloween icon for ages, literally ages. Still, this year, we will introduce you to an iconic home appliance that will make cleaning a Halloween breeze. Quantum X is the only vacuum in the market that uses water as its filtration method, meaning no bacteria, no dust, and no polluted indoor air! We believe it is time to leave behind, and once for all, the pan, the broom, and even the mop; the only upright water filtration vacuum also picks up wet & dry spills and no tricks at all. The best of it all is, and we are being dead-serious about it, you will get over $2000 worth of technology for the most affordable price on the market. What are you waiting to make your broom a Halloween decoration and join the iconic appliances team this Halloween? 

Horror Stories

You threw The-Best-Halloween-Party-Ever, but the cleaning session after looks like a horror story? We got you! First, make sure to pick up all the bags, food, and prominent elements that can block the way. After all the rooms are clear and ready to be clean, think about this: have you heard of Micro-silver technology? It is used to clean the air, kill germs and purify water in clinics and hospitals, and today you will purify the indoor air, clean, aromatize and kill germs with your Quantum X vacuum. Make sure your vacuum has clean water, add a couple of drops of the selected Quantum X fragrances, and vacuum through all floor types. If you want to clean any other surfaces, use the flex hose and the upholstery, squeegee, and pet hair attachments. Finally, when you are done vacuuming, put outside all bacteria, polluters, and debris and enjoy the best indoor air quality, a clean home, and no horror stories!

Sticky Corpses

After a long night of trick or treating, your carpet may be covered by sweets, chocolate, and other sticky “corpses” left by your guests! To you, It may look like an impossible mission, but you will only need warm water and your Quantum X. Since candy is hard to get off, it is imperative to get to all those tricky corners and spots using a home appliance that reach everywhere! Quantum X has four factors that will allow you to do it comfortably: a long power cord, a ten-foot hose, an incredible 18-inch cleaning wand, and a fantastic telescopic head that makes Quantum X an unbeatable cleaning appliance. Last but not least, if candy is under a coffee table or other type of furniture, the head will go as low as 4” just to give you the prize of the cleanest house in the neighborhood, and it is not a costume.

Fang-tas-tic Night.

We love to party, but party spills can make you go from happy to mad real quick, and maybe showing one or two fangs to the guest is not the best idea. As lovers of parties and family reunions, we know that your home is cursed to be a mess as soon as there is a spill in the kitchen or living room. Pick up all your wet and dry spills with your vacuum and avoid the extra mess at the end of the night; it will take you less than 30 seconds to do it, and voila, everything is dry. Last but not least, we have a Quantum X party trick for you! Before your celebration start, put clean water and Quantum X fragrances in the water tank, turn it on for half an hour, and you will be receiving all your scary guests with the nicest and cleanest home of them all.