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Monsters Quantum X Is Not Scared of During Halloween.

Who doesn't love the spookiest season of the year? From pumpkins lined up, fake blood, and candies to everyone dressed up as their favorite character. Halloween is one of those celebrations that everyone at home enjoys. However, with loads of fun activities, loads of cleaning activities come our way. We are in the mid-fall season, and there might be unwanted visitors that can cause not only tummy aches and a little bit of hyperactivity but it can also be causing allergies, breathing problems, and other major health problems. It is essential to be ready to address these dangerous visitors effectively and get rid of them at once. Quantum X is here to use its best costume and leave your home smelling and feeling like the cleanest yet scariest house (in a good way) of the season. Are you ready?

Is a Skeleton or Quantum X in the closet?

To address the dirt and other spooky allergens effectively during this season, it is essential to have the right tool at home. Do you have it? Quantum X is the first upright water filtration vacuum with 17 pounds of pure power to eliminate threats to your family. Also, It is built with Micro-Silver technology that instantly neutralizes viruses and bacteria meanwhile deodorize and humidifying your favorite areas with the best fragrances on the market.  No musty odors, dust exhaust, and a significant difference in indoor air quality immediately. Finally, there is nothing better than using only one home appliance, from chocolate milk to sticky candy; Quantum X will eliminate all kinds of residues in a heartbeat. If you have an old skeleton vacuum in your closet, what are you waiting for to get the Quantum X vacuum?

Bacteria & Dust Ghost Town.

It all comes down to this; you want to make your home a ghost town if bacteria and dust are the ones who want to visit. Mika Frankel from The National Center of Biotechnology Information states that “Indoor microbial exposure to different temperatures has been related to adverse pulmonary health effects, headache, and allergy.” now, it's been three seasons already winter, spring, and summer. We are in fall, your home has been exposed to three different seasons, and probably the allergens are living comfortably at home. But how to make it happen without ruining Halloween? Use the DDB technique for dusting, decluttering, and vacuuming. Of course, we cannot recommend anymore your Quantum X to get it all done!

Drop Dead Clean & Gorgeous.

Without becoming a night owl or making it a mission, you can leave your house looking drop-dead clean & gorgeous. It is important to follow three steps to make your cleaning session fast and easy. First, make sure to pick and organize all the little things that have been placed accidentally or not in the wrong place. I am talking about those shoes, keys, coins, and visible receipts that make the perfect home for dust. Then, focus on dusting all the objects and moving all the heavy things that can be in your way to vacuum. Finally, Vacuum with Quantum X and not only using the head but the flex hose and all of our unique attachments; it will make all the difference.

Do you want to see the spooky unwanted visitors?

At Quantum X, we have clear that no better proof is seen with your own eyes of what we are talking about. Ten of thousand homes across America have already made the switch from regular vacuums to Quantum X water filtration vacuum, and here is the proof. The #QuantumXChallenge is ready to show you what vacuuming with your regular vacuum & vacuuming with your Quantum X is. The results? Easy! Cleaner, better and fresh carpets and floors free of unwanted visitors, and more importantly, you can see them going outside. These are some of the opinions of our clients.

Are you ready to kick out of your home those spooky unwanted visitors and have fun during Halloween? Get your Quantum X today and get the party started.