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How to Eliminate Bacteria From Unusual Spots at Home.

Before the pandemic talking about bacteria at home was almost inconceivable. Two years after, bacteria is a serious matter, and we are ready to show you how to get rid of these unwanted guests at home in a heartbeat. According to the Society for General Microbiology, bacteria divide every 20 minutes and spread in a matter of hours throughout your home. For this reason, Quantum X experts will teach you how, where, and why using Quantum X will be the best solution to eliminate bacteria from your indoor spaces. Why? Quantum X is the only void in the market that uses water as its filtration method. Hence, every time you vacuum, all the bacteria, dust, and allergens will be trapped in water and won't recirculate into the indoor air you breathe and surfaces you touch daily! It is the time of the year to restart and reset our cleaning routines to create immaculate indoor spaces, and we are ready to show you how to eliminate 5 top bacteria at home today!

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Bacteria is cooking.

The National Sanitation Foundation (NSF) stated that kitchen surfaces where food is stored or cooked have more bacteria than any other space at home. Yes, your kitchen is probably the dirtiest room at home, apart from your bathroom! Cleaning your kitchen doesn't have to be a mission, but it is essential to do it carefully and effectively. Here is a 3-step Quantum X cleaning routine to disinfect and clean your kitchen in a heartbeat. First, use the upholstery tool and flex hose to vacuum all surfaces and eliminate bacteria. Then, with hot water, pour in all surfaces, let it soak, and vacuum with the flex hose; it will deep clean and eliminate bacteria quickly. Finally, clean cutting boards, coffee makers, refrigerator, kitchen sink, and countertops with hot water to disinfect the whole indoor area.

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Bacteria working with you.

Bacteria might be covering the 9 to 5 shift with you, and you haven't noticed yet! If you work from home or spend a reasonable amount of time at your workstation, you are creating the perfect conditions for bacteria to grow. In general, keyboards, mouse, pens, and desks are all high-touch surfaces that we don't clean frequently. Luckily, a water filtration vacuum that works on hard surfaces like floors and has versatile tools to work on other indoor surfaces is an excellent cleaning advantage. Here is how to eliminate bacteria in your workstation in 3 steps. First, declutter and make sure all essential papers are in a safe drawer or spot. Second, with your flex hose and ceviche tool, pass it through all the holes and small spaces that need to be vacuumed. Third, wipe with a damp cloth and enjoy a disinfected working area.

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An actual bacteria show in your bathroom.

Bathrooms are the perfect performing spot to wash away your troubles and ultimately relax. However, bacteria are everywhere, and bathrooms are not an exception. Cleaning experts state, "Tubs and showers, unlike common beliefs, are the surfaces with the most bacteria in these indoor spaces.” We could say that these surfaces are not clean enough simply because most of us think, “I never touch the wall above the shower or behind the toilet; there is no way it is dirty.” However,  the temperature and humidity in bathrooms are perfect for bacteria to thrive. Now that we have identified the problem, we are here to give you the best cleaning routine and relax. Vacuum first, then scrub! For a thorough cleaning routine, vacuum the bathroom before everything else. Vacuum from the top, like lights and windows, and work your way down by covering the floor and other surfaces methodically. What will happen is that you will be cleaning every single area of your bathroom, and everything will be done with a Quantum X water filtration vacuum.

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Clean everywhere, but what about the curtains?

It's the most wonderful time of the year, and many homeowners feel the urge to clean their houses. Not only to start 2023 with the right foot but also to improve indoor air and health. However, more than cleaning those hard-to-reach places like sinks, the back of the closets, and the attic might be needed to keep dust and bacteria away. Have you thought about how much bacteria your curtains and blinders have accumulated over the past year? Have you cleaned them in the last six months? If the answer is no, Quantum X experts have gathered the best cleaning routine to keep them fresh, clean, and free of bacteria in three simple steps; here is how to do it. First, KepKeep your curtains from their place. Experts recommend cleaning them while they are hung because they will clean every inch and won't become a heavy piece of fabric you must carry around. Second, use your Quantum X water filtration flex hose and upholstery tool to clean them top to bottom; remember to do it on both sides and pay particular attention to your curtain rods or blinders' support. Finally, get your Quantum X fragrances and vacuum thoroughly; it will spread our fantastic fragrance to your curtains and, ultimately, your home!
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New year, new closet!

Cleaning our closets is a not-so-common task when cleaning. However, getting rid of bacteria and opening new space for new and updated pieces is essential.  A 2015 study carried out by the department of biochemical and macrobiotic technology at the university of Ghent stated that “ the same type of bacteria can be detected before and after washing up a piece of clothing. As a result, microbial species can multiply in a closet after washing, ironing, and putting them back with other pieces of clothing in a closet.” Now it is time to evaluate; when was the last time you cleaned your closet? Did you only wipe out a bit? Did you go for deep cleaning? Well, it's time to put the cabinet in order and get rid of bacteria quickly and effectively. First, get rid of clutter. If you have too many or not enough hangers, it is time to organize it. Get out all of your clothes and put them in a giant pile. Vacuum the closet thoroughly when everything is out with your Quantum X and fragrances. Do not forget to clean the shelves, drawers, drails, and top and bottom of the cabinet. Then, start sorting your clothes into three piles; keep, give away and toss. You will need to put them on keep for the clothes you wear.  Items you do not need but are in good condition, place them in the giveaway and toss for anything that needs to go straight to the trash. Then refine your keep pile by classifying it into layering pieces, things you do not frequently wear, accessories and staples, and everyday pieces by season. Finally, store all the keep pieces in vacuum bags and leave them out only if the item is necessary. Ready to enjoy an organized and clean closet? We are!
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As we all know, Quantum X is not only a vacuum; it is your right hand for deep cleaning and eliminates bacteria and any mess. Join the water filtration revolution and make your home the cleanest space with us.