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How often should you clean your mattress and bed?

How often do I have to wash my sheets? Why is it important? How to do it?  Quantum X cleaning and vacuuming experts have the answers for you and some tips to make it easier. Here is the answer: wash your bed sheets and vacuum your mattress at least once a month. The National Sleep Foundation states that healthy adults need between 7 to 9 hours of sleep and children 9 to 11 hours, meaning that you spend at least a third of your life sleeping or in bed. Now, do comfy/expensive mattresses and bed sheets matter? Not really! A CLEAN bed, on the other hand, is crucial! 

Why do I need to wash my sheets and vacuum the mattress?

You should be washing and vacuuming your bed at least once a week. But why? in an average sleep, the human body can yield 12000000 dead skin flakes. To make things even grosser, Fungal Contamination of bedding by Moore and Howard (2015) state that “Sheets that haven't been washed for three weeks or more can harbor over ten thousand times more bacteria than a toilet seat and 40% more than your dogs' bowl”. Who would have known our furry friends are not as dirty as we think? All those dead cells end up stuck in your bed, and guess what? It is the perfect spot for uninvited guests like allergens, bacteria & a couple more! Dust mites, in particular, are prone to stick around and feed from dead skin cells. In addition, allergens build up every day for simple reasons like sweat, dirty feed, crumbles, and, believe it or not, skin care products. Not only makeup but also face cream accumulate in our pillows and bed sheets, becoming the cause of acne, fungi, and all kinds of bacteria. We let you know how dirty your bedsheets and mattress can be. Now it is time for Quantum X solutions!

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How often should I wash my bedsheets?

You must wash your bedsheets and vacuum once a week. However, we understand that many of us do not have the time or energy to do it frequently. For this reason, Quantum x cleaning and vacuuming experts have shared three valuable tips to keep your bedding clean for longer. First and the one with more benefits, dry brush your body before bed. It will eliminate dead cells, improve circulation and keep dead skin and dust mites away. Second, keep at least one spare set of bedsheets; it will allow you to change them regularly without wasting too much time or effort. Third, we love all kinds of fur babies but leaving them under the sheets can be a problem for your health. Do not panic; you don't have to kick your best friend out of bed. We got you a good solution; what about getting your pet a comfy and furry blanket? It will feel, smell, and look clean. We promise!

How often should I vacuum my mattress and bedframe?

Vacuuming our mattress and bedframe should follow a straightforward rule: once a month is okay, twice enough, and three times is perfect! When was the last time you cleaned under your bed, vacuumed your mattress, and changed your bedsheets all at once?  Well, it is time to find that missing sock, relocate that midnight snack wrapper and kill all those bacteria, literally in this case. Hence, to approach dust and bacteria effectively, quantum X experts have created a four steps routine that will help you tackle them in less than 15 minutes; here is how to. First, remove the mattress from your bedframe and vacuum with your Quantum X on both sides. Then, make sure to pick up all big objects or clothes from under the bed, and with the flex hose, make sure you vacuum all the area thoroughly under as well as the hidden spots of the bedframe. Then, clear up your Quantum X water tank outside, and add clean water and Quantum X fragrances to leave a fresh smell. Quantum all over again and put it back together. Voila, an immaculate bed in less than 15 minutes!

A clean bed & sweet dreams

You already know how and when to clean your bedsheets and mattress. Make it part of your cleaning routine and vacuum as frequently as possible. Do not let bacteria and dust mites become the new boogieman under your bed. Last but not least, make sure to have the right bedroom accessories and your Quantum X always in hand. It will keep your space clean and ready for you to relax.

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