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Get Your House Party-Ready For Labour Day weekend 2022

Labour Day, celebrated on the first Monday of September, commemorates the achievements of all American workers and their contribution to the country's prosperity, strength, and well-being. For many of us, it also marks the end of the summer, kids returning to school, and, unfortunately, the last summertime hurrah of 2022. For this reason, we have created the best Labour Day Weekend Guide to prepare your home to host your family, friends and close the best season with the last all-American festivity of the year. Find out all the best tips to prepare for the weekend with the best drinks, food, and clean spaces to celebrate Labour Day Weekend 2022. 

Less labor, cleaner spaces!

Whether planning a barbeque or a simple picnic, cleaning your home before it is celebration time is essential! However, we all know the purpose of this holiday is for us NOT to labor on Labour Day. For this reason, we have gathered four tips to clean before our celebrations and make our home the best hosting spot of the season. First, in the kitchen, all the action happens! As a result, we should have a spot intended to keep party essentials like cutlery, napkins, plates, ice, drinks, soft drinks, and others. Also, providing enough food for all our guests and trash bins in visible spots is essential. The next area we should take care of must be our living room. If we invite families with children, ensure to put all your valuable objects away or in a safe spot. In addition, make sure to leave the entertainment in one spot, so all the guests can access it. Finally, let natural light come in and place coasters for your guests around the area. 

Bathrooms are one of the most used rooms when hosting an event at home. For this reason, check it is fully equipped with essential amenities like toilet paper, hand soap, cream, hand towels, and other essentials. In addition, wipe the mirror, sink, toilet, and faucet handles to keep bacteria and germs away. Finally, light a candle and put toilet spray in a visible spot; your guests will appreciate it.  To conclude, your bedroom is not the most critical space when hosting, but after a long day of celebrations, a fresh and comfortable bed is everything. Before starting your day, make sure your bed is made, and you have free sheets; you will thank us later. Last but not least, vacuuming with Quantum X is always the cherry on top to provide your guest with a clean and comfortable space to gather. We recommend using one of the fragrances to give everyone a fantastic smell and feel of comfort. 

Party-ready & tasty food.

What is a celebration without yummy food? Since we are celebrating an All-American holiday, why not do it with simple yet delicious recipes? Our tips are focused on hosting the best Labour Day weekend cookout. First, buying all the ingredients ahead will give you enough time to prepare and replace ingredients if you don't find the ones you need. Second, prepare all vegetables the day before, it will allow you to cook faster, and recipes will come out perfect. Finally, cook most of your food in advance; it is easier and less stressful to have everything ready before our event. Finally, make sure to have your Quantum X vacuum in hand; parties usually have one or two wet & dry spills, so using your vacuum to pick up the mess fast and easily is a lifesaver. To conclude, thinking about what and how to cook is overwhelming and time-consuming, we gathered a full menu of All-American delicacies to make you look like the Queen of Labor Day weekend. Download it HERE

Party in style!

There is nothing better than a party with a bit of color or a theme, so why not a party in style by adding color to your celebration? Taking advantage of your spaces at home is the key. First, rearrange some of your furniture to create comfortable conversation areas and gathering spaces for your guests. In addition, make sure you add some patriotic decorations like flags, table decorations, or simply one or two ribbons; it will make all the difference! Third, having flower arrangements will create a fabulous new look for your home and give a fresh feeling to the space. Last but not least, put fresh water in the QX and leave it in the upright position to clean the air before your guest comes in. 

Not to labor, but a quick clean.

When the party is done and a quick cleaning session is necessary, have your quantum X vacuum by your side. Using the world's first upright water filtration vacuum will provide you with the best attachments and tools to leave your home shining again. Not to mention that by cleaning with Quantum X and its micro-silver technology, germs and bacteria will go straight to the water tank and then to the drain to never be seen again at home. Ready for a fantastic Labor Day Weekend and a less than 10-minute vacuuming session with Quantum X? We are! 

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