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Four Reasons Why Quantum X is The Best Water Filtration Vacuum in 2022

If you are considering buying a new vacuum cleaner, what are your negotiables and non-negotiables regarding value for money, adaptability, and usability? Choosing a new vacuum can be overwhelming, but it is a decision that needs to be made based on your family's needs and how this home appliance adapts and improves your lifestyle. For this reason, our Quantum X experts have gathered the five reasons why you must choose Quantum X, the first upright water vacuum, as your trusted partner to eliminate dust, dirt, and your new right hand when making your home spotless.

Quantum X creates healthier homes.

A healthy lifestyle starts right at home, and the best way to achieve it is to use the right home appliances. You might be wondering what a vacuum cleaner has to do with healthier spaces at home? First, you and your family spend at least one-third of your day in this space; keeping them organized, disinfected, and as clean as possible is vital. Quantum X will be your trusted partner in your cleaning schedule simply because it uses water as the filtration method. It cleans at least 99.97% of pollution in indoor spaces and simultaneously captures dirt, dust, hair, germs, and bacteria in just one home appliance. In addition, our filtration method and particle connector do not cause “secondary pollution”; meanwhile, regular canisters and other types of vacuums do. Quantum X sends bacteria, debris, and germs back outside where it belongs, helping you to optimize the indoor air quality from the very first use and improving your indoor air quality all year long.

Usability of Quantum X vs. Regular Vacuums

A crucial aspect of buying a home appliance is its usability and how it adapts to your lifestyle, and Quantum X has it all. Let's talk about weight. We need a home appliance that is potent yet light, a vacuum that can pick up all the dirt without making it a mission or demanding work. Popular vacuums like The Rainbow and Dyson Ball are above 17 pounds, making it hard to move around and clean your home's spaces. Instead, with its impressive 16.93 pounds, Quantum X will reach every room, floor, and area you need, and it won't be a workout, we promise! If you spill a liquid by accident, how many home appliances do you have to use to pick it up? With Quantum X vacuum, forget about it! Its unique filtration method allows you to pick up wet & dry spills in a heartbeat, and the best thing about it, you can do it on any kind of surface hardwood, carpets, tiles, and more. It is incredible what a vacuum can do, but do you have a void that can reach anywhere and everywhere? Quantum X has the job done; it has a unique telescoping head to get under furniture, an impressive 4” clearance with a rotatory full 180 degrees body that reaches where other regular vacuums can't. It has a 10-foot extending hose and various attachments that will help you clean and sanitize every square inch of your home. To conclude, how often have you stopped using your regular vacuum because it is too hot or because you fear electrical incidents? We know that cleaning a home can take quite a lot of time. For this reason, Quantum X is designed to run for unlimited time and get the job done in a blink.

Germs adapt & Quantum X adapts even more!

Germs, bacteria, and viruses are everywhere, but Quantum X is here too. The National Science Foundation states that homes are more likely to harbor potential pathogens than any other space. Funny enough, the kitchen, the bedroom, and the bathrooms hold the price of the most dirties and most contaminated. Here is when having the right home appliance changes it all!  Have you heard of Micro-silver technology? It is used in hospitals and clinics to kill germs and purify water effectively. Quantum X creators incorporated it into the vacuum to clean the air and remove dangerous particles and pathogens by water and after removing all those unwanted polluters, where do they go? You simply dump the dirty water back outside where it belongs. How? Quantum X has zero filters! You read it right, NO filters at all. The only thing you need to do after you are done cleaning is to empty the water tank! But this is not all, Quantum X has one more trick under the sleeve, and you will love it. The latest trend among homemakers is humidifiers; they add moisture to the air, diminishing irritations and easing dryness of the skin, nose, throat, and lips. Did you know that you can turn on your Quantum X with the fantastic fragrances and it will do the humidifier job? Isn't it amazing? Giving your home a personal and intimate touch that leaves your indoor air feeling fresh and clean has never been this easy.

Quantum X value for money is real!

Having home appliances that fit your needs and provide you with the latest technology is essential, but having a vacuum that ticks all the boxes, adaptability, usability, and value for money, is the real deal! When buying a Quantum X, you get over $2000 dollars' worth of technology for a fraction of the price and if you are on a tight budget. We got your back! Quantum X offers a payment plan that adapts to your needs and provides you with the first and only upright water filtration vacuum at an affordable price. In other words, we are ready to give you and your loved ones with the best home appliance quality and a two-year warranty in case you need it.  What are you waiting for to become part of the Quantum X family and get the best Water filtration vacuum on the market? Get yours today!