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Five Places Where Dirt Hides at Home

A clean home is shiny floors, clean kitchens, and lovely furniture. However, not all the time; clean means a healthy home. You might not notice it, but unwanted visitors could be in the most unusual places and today is the day to eliminate them with Quantum X water filtration vacuum. While dirt and bacteria are not visible, these can cause allergies, respiratory diseases, and other allergens that can threaten everyone at home. For this reason, it is essential to check those not-so-common areas to be clean! Tackling and cleaning all those tricky spots has never been this easy with Quantum X. The best solution to reach the unreachable and clean the uncleanable. Let us show you how to make your home THE CLEANEST home!

Dirty Fans & A/C Units, really?

These systems distribute cooled and heated air around your house. They work as indoor air quality cleaners by reducing the risk of dehydration and improving work performance. However, they can store more dust and bacteria than other home appliances! You might be wondering, how is it possible? There are two spots you haven't been cleaning or even thought about it! Let us ask you something: have you cleaned the top of your fan's blades or the top of your A/C unit in the last year? Do you want to try it? Take your Quantum X vacuum, the flex hose and dusting brush tool to reach out easily. You will be surprised by the dust and dirt you will find there! You should clean there every 3 to 4 months, especially during seasonal changes; it will help eliminate allergens and other uninvited guests effectively.  

Heavy Home Appliances & Dirt, Two Peas in a Pod!

When we talk about deep cleaning, we automatically think of scrubbing, disinfecting, and decluttering. What about heavy home appliances? Most of the time, we clean the surface of fridges, stoves, dishwashers, washing machine, and tumbler dryers, but not under.  They can store dust, food waste, bacteria, pests, and other unwanted visitors. To clean these hidden spots, make sure you move out the home appliance. Get hot water and spread it all over the area, leave it to soak for about two minutes, grab your Quantum X and make the magic happen! When using your water filtration vacuum with hot water, you kill all the bacteria and disinfect them simultaneously. For this reason, it is essential to clean this area at least twice a year; you will keep allergens and other threats in check. Lastly, If you cannot move your home appliances for several reasons, use the suction power of your Quantum X and hose to extract all the unwanted dirt; you will be surprised!


Dirt mattress? No Way!

A comfortable bed is an investment in your health and well-being. It might not look like it, but your mattress is more important than any other piece of furniture at home. Experts state that “your bed affects or improves your sleep, which greatly affects every aspect of your life, starting from work to social and affective relationships.” For this reason, learning how to clean and maintain it must be one of our biggest concerns when cleaning. However, keeping your mattress clean does not mean changing your sheets weekly and spraying aromatizing products on them. Deep cleaning of your bed must be done under, above, and underneath with the right tools to eliminate dust mites, fleas, bat bugs, and other common allergens in our beds. You will need 15 minutes and your Quantum X water filtration vacuum for this job. First, move your mattress out of your bed frame and vacuum thoroughly using the upholstery tool; it will remove all the dust in the rails, corners, and hidden spots. Then, vacuum your mattress using your Quantum X fragrances to disinfect and aromatize simultaneously. Finally, change to clean sheets and declutter your room; it will make all the difference; nothing beats a clean and comfortable bed!


No More Dirty Skirting Boards

Skirting boards, like any other type of furniture, require maintenance to prevent them from looking old, worn out, or dirty. The material these items are made of can be a perfect home from bacteria and dust. Thus, they must be cleaned regularly, it will make them look beautiful, shiny, and in excellent condition. Here are some simple steps to clean this vital part of your house effectively. First, take your Quantum X, the flex hose and vacuum them. After with our dusting brush attachment, scrub it and remove all dust and other dangerous allergens. Enjoy the cleanest and freshest house in the neighborhood, and good luck is yours!


Dirty curtains and blinds? Say No More!

Curtains are the perfect home accessory to integrate your style and mood into your home. From long and heavy fabric to light and unicolor blinds, this item adds as much sophistication as dust. Most homeowners forget that this home interior accessory needs to be cleaned as much as carpets, floors, and others frequently. Mold growth is one of the biggest concerns when having curtains or blinds because they trigger dangerous health problems and put everyone at risk. Experts recommend cleaning your curtains or blinds at least four times a year, including the top of the rail of your blinds or curtains and the fabric. However, we know that it is not that easy to put down and up again. Consequently, using your quantum X to clean them might be the best option. Our cleaning experts recommend vacuuming with the upholstery brush for curtains and dusting brush for blinds, and voila. You will see and smell the difference immediately!

 Five places where dirt hides at home

These five dirty spots can be cleaned in less than an hour with only one home appliance! Get your Quantum X, the first and only upright water filtration vacuum that helps you not only to clean but to reach all those difficult spots with the latest and best cleaning technology on the market.