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4 Must-have Accessories to Brighten Up Your Home

Life can happen in many places, but there is one place that will always feel safe and ours. In the film The Wizard of Oz, Dorothy Gale wakes up in bed surrounded by the people she loves “there is no place like home,” and we agree with it. Home is your own rules, experiences, style, memories, everything in one place. Whether it is your first place or redecorating a space you have enjoyed over the years, these must-have accessories are the best options to lighten up and add luxury to this area. Here are some tips to guide your choices and elevate all your interior


Best Quality & Right Colors Is a Must-Have.

When decorating your home, it is essential to get right the “quality over quantity” rule. However, It is no secret that luxury home decor is often expensive, and it can be hard to match your style. For this reason, focusing on the color palette that works with every style is essential. Interior designers state that colors like black, grey, white, and brown are perfect for upgrading your favorite areas. In addition, a mix of textures and materials can brighten up every room by providing you with the WOW factor at home with a friendly budget. Last but not least, wall decor does make a difference in any type of room. From shelves to mirrors and artwork, these versatile must-have accessories will improve the style and look of your home in a heartbeat.  


Rugs are a must-have

Over the past ten years, rugs have been the must-have home accessories that make or break the look and style of our homes. It is not only a home accessory but a way of protecting your floors in high transit areas, providing warmth and comfort, reducing noise, and making a room look big or small, depending on the size, color, and location. Interior designers use rugs when fitting different decor elements in harmony and make it a personal style statement. Rugs and carpets are made of assorted designs, colors, materials, and patterns. From hand-made to modern synthetic varieties, there is always a rug or carpet for every space at home.


For this reason, our cleaning and decoration experts have three essential tips you must know before styling a room with a carpet. First, make sure you choose the right color; consider the colors of your home and add life with the right shade. Narrow your search by the mood you want to provide; try blues and greens to create calm spaces, warm red and golden to make it cozy, and light colors to make rooms feel big and open. Second, understand your family's needs and how they would fit your lifestyle. A great rug or carpet that is friendly to everyone at home is crucial to enjoying them. Finally, having a new carpet is the best feeling; it brightens up any space. However, knowing the best ways to keep it clean, fresh, and free of debris, bacteria, and dust is essential. Having a must-have home appliance like Quantum X that deep cleans your rugs by trapping all residues and allergens in water to pour it out when you are finished. Remember, vacuuming your rugs and carpets at least twice a month makes a significant difference. What are you waiting to brighten up your home with a new carpet and keep it clean and fresh with Quantum X?

Accent lighting & Artwork, a True Masterpiece.

This type of lighting intends to accentuate specific areas that draw attention to objects or features like artwork, furnishing, and architecture to convert them into focal points. The most common accent lights include wall and wall-mounted picture lights; these add drama and style to a simple space. The most common areas that use these lights are living rooms, entrances, and gardens, as they are designed to include items that need to be highlighted. After you know the type of lighting you like and the colors you use in your living spaces, you might wonder, how do I choose my artwork? Tara Berned states in Architectural Digest that “Something you are truly attracted to is something that will ultimately stand the test of time.” Considering this, what matters when choosing a masterpiece for many of your rooms is not whether it is expensive or not. It comes down to using your personal style to express it. If you like artwork that stands out, choose bold colors. If you want solid colors, choose pale or simple spaces. Remember, not all the time do we need paintings. You can use several items made of fabric or other rustic elements that will stand up as much as a masterpiece. Now, it is essential to remember that all of these can accumulate dust that can threaten your health over time. Use your Quantum X flex hose and ensure all your artwork and decorative items are dusted and clean. ALWAYS!


Must-have Kitchen Fixture & Hardware

The kitchen is one of the most used spaces at home, not only because we prepare most meals here but also because it is where memories and good times are made. For this reason, having a cozy kitchen that can upgrade your house's look is essential. One of the easiest ways to make a kitchen feel more luxurious is to change the standard fixtures and hardware. This simple change can take your kitchen to the next level. But how to do it? The idea is that the color of these accessories pops, and you can make them a statement.  If your cabinet is white or light, go for dark colors, and if they are dark, go for gold and silver. It will add a sense of luxury right away. In addition, try to pick chic, contemporary fixtures like wall sconces or luxury decor on a featured wall. It will change the perspective of the place and make it look bigger. Finally, Quantum X is the perfect must-have accessory to keep your home perfect, and guess what? You can pick wet and dry spills without making it a mission, are you ready to upgrade your kitchen?