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Quantum X Upright Vacuum With Water Filtration - $100 OFF with 3 year warranty

Quantum X uses water filtration to capture dirt, dust, hair, germs and bacteria instead of HEPA filters that clog and have to be constantly replaced — It picks up wet and dry spills or dog hair and debris with ease.

Cleans with a water filter so it never loses suction or airflow!

Picks up wet spills… water, wine, pet accidents, toddler spills and MORE!

Traps dust and allergens in water so it won’t recirculate into the air you breathe!

Quantum X Upright Vacuum With Water Filtration - $100 OFF with 3 year warranty

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3 Year Factory Warranty!



Take The Quantum X Challenge! (Risk-Free for 30 Days)

Compare the Quantum X to your old vacuum for 30 days and if you’re not 100% satisfied, you’ll receive an instant refund.


Compare the Quantum X to your old vacuum for 30 days and if you’re not 100% satisfied, you’ll receive an instant refund.

✅ Step 1: Clean your home with your old vacuum.

✅ Step 2: Go over everything again with Quantum X.

As you’re vacuuming with Quantum X, you’ll see all the dirt, dust and particles your old vacuum left behind start to build up in its water basin.


✅ Step 3: See The Quantum X Difference Or Your Money Back!

You’ll notice The Quantum X:
Picks Up everything your other vacuum missed.

Filters with water so it never loses suction.

Easily pour the dirty water out after each cleaning.

Leaves the air smelling fresh every time!

“You can see how much dirt it picked up even though I already vacuumed over it with my other vacuum. I’m convinced!”- Pam

Quantum X Upright Vacuum With Water Filtration - $100 OFF with 3 year warranty

Is Your Current Vacuum Making You Sick?


Are You Still Using Old Technology Filters?

Regular filters made of paper, foam, disk and cloth (including HEPA), clog up with dust and debris which is blown out and re-circulated into the air you breathe.

After using it, you put the vacuum into a closet while it’s still warm which creates a perfect breeding ground for bacteria and viruses to grow… yes, your vacuum filters are a toxic mess!

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You Can Smell the Mold & Germs Multiplying from Weeks or Months Ago

We ALL know what a vacuum cleaner smells like… stale, musty, hard to breathe… That’s the dusty cocktail of bacteria and pathogens traveling up your nostrils every time you vacuum.

Toxins like these can wreak havoc on you and your loved ones with allergies, asthma or breathing issues. When you put your HOT vacuum away in a DARK closet after vacuuming, those germs and bacteria multiply by the millions every day. Those filters leave the air smelling musty from billions of particles that are blowing out while you vacuum. That “typical vacuum smell” you’re used to could be making you sick!


Loses Suction & Re-circulates Dust and Germs!

With repeated use, these ordinary filters also weaken over time, diminishing the suction and cleaning power of your vacuum.

What this means is each time you vacuum, you’re leaving more and more dirt and allergens behind…. while also re-circulating the germs from previous weeks!


Quantum X is The Only Upright Vacuum That Filters With The Power of Water

Water filtration prevents any dust from escaping or blowing back out while you vacuum empty the filter. The Quantum X system is built with Micro-Silver technology that instantly neutralizes viruses and bacteria. Water is able to capture mold spores, bacteria, fungus and even viruses…. Everything that’s way too small for cloth, foam or HEPA filters to trap.

Quantum X’s Water filtration solves all of this!

Quantum X Upright Vacuum With Water Filtration - $100 OFF with 3 year warranty

Our Customers Love Their Quantum X


“The Quantum X isn’t as expensive as the Rainbow but it’s got all the technology and more! It’s got microsilver technology that kills the bacteria and viruses. It didn’t lose suction and has way more power than the Dyson.”

Lynn Split


“The Quantum X is the #1 vacuum for any dog mom or mom. I love that this vacuum gets such a deep clean. It truly feels like we almost have brand new carpets again.”

Chelsea Evans

See What The Quantum X Can Do!

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Just Pour Out the Dirty Water When Done! Never Deal with Nasty Filters Again!

The Quantum X uses only water filtration, so you’ll never have to deal with a dusty paper filter again. This also means there are no paper filters to clog, so it’s like using a new vacuum every time! Just fill the basin up with water, use the vacuum to suck up all the dust, germs and debris in your home, and pour the water out when you’re done. It’s that easy!

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Extending Head Allows For 4" Clearance Under Furniture

The base of your Quantum X has an 18“ Telescoping Head to reach places where all the dirt hides under 4" clearance — something no other upright vacuum can do! This allows you to clean every part of your house and reach under most couches and chairs where dust can collect for years, causing health and safety problems. With its 10-foot extending hose and various attachments, you’ll be able to clean and sanitize every square inch of your home.

Quantum X Upright Vacuum With Water Filtration - $100 OFF with 3 year warranty

Cleaning Has Never Been This Easy!

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Fill your Quantum's basin with hot water

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Clean All surface:
Hardwood, tile, carpet, sofas, etc 

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Quantum X captures dust, hair and wet spills in the water filter so it never clogs!

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Once you are done, simply pour the dirty water out and you're done. No messy filters to struggle with!

Quantum X Upright Vacuum With Water Filtration - $100 OFF with 3 year warranty

Quantum X Beats All The Popular Vacuums


Designed by Randy Spencer and Larry York - Vacuum Engineers & Industry Veterans


It took the dedication of two veterans in the vacuum industry(30 years each in the business!) to bring your Quantum X vacuum to life. Randy Spencer and Larry York were relentless in their pursuit of the perfect design and mechanism for the world’s first upright water vacuum.

They ensured every detail worked seamlessly to bring you the ultimate all-purpose vacuum – since then, the results speak for themselves.

Everyone who takes the Quantum Challenge says the same thing: No matter how good their current vacuum is, Quantum X picks up WAY MORE dust and debris that’s left behind. Randy and Larry offer you this same challenge – if Quantum X isn’t the best vacuum you’ve ever used, they’re backing it up with a 30-Day 100% Money-Back Guarantee.


Quantum X Upright Vacuum With Water Filtration - $100 OFF with 3 year warranty

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Available in 4 Stylish Colors

Vacuum in style with your own unique color choice:

  • Viper Red
  • Phantom Gray
  • Rose Gold
  • Cobalt Blue

Pick your favorite color on the next page, but hurry because the most popular colors sell out fast!


If for any reason you're unhappy with your Quantum X within 30 days of receiving it, just call us and return the unit for 100% of your money back.

Cleaner and Safer With Quantum X

Quantum X water filtration keeps your home clean and safe

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Quantum X uses pure water to filter dust & germs

Cleans up pet hair, dander, dust and wet spills without clogging!

CLEAR and BREATHABLE AIR that won’t agitate your lungs or allergies!

Zero messy cleanup! Just pour the dirty water out!

Never clogs & never loses suction!

Never buy a replacement filter or bag again!


Never deal with toxic & messy filters again!

Gets clogged with dust and wrapped up with dog hair. Loses power every time!

Spews dust and allergens back into the air you breathe!

Wet spills could break it!

Messy cleanups while changing filters!

Wasted money on filter replacements!

Hear From More Happy Quantum X Customers


I’ll be buying a second one for the upstairs!!! I tell everyone about the Quantum. I had a rainbow vacuum many many years ago (paid over 2K) and loved it, but it was too bulky and hard to store. This does the same job with none of the hassle.

Erin F.


I love that I can see what is getting cleaned up. This picture was taken after I had run my beloved Kirby over the floor and then my Quantum X. I have 2 indoor dogs that shed and I love that I can just run over the floors then dump the hair outdoors with the water.

Melissa M.


This was my first time using my quantum x (rose gold) and the amount it pulled out had me saying whoa! I had used my old vacuum prior to see the difference and it’s amazing!

Naki B.


I love how clean it is & how much easier it is to use. My rainbow had a separate canister that you had to drag around & this is all one unit 😍. I also love how all your dust & dirt goes into the water. I would love to win a prize too 😜

LeAnne H.


I love my vacuum it worth every dollar . I have 3 big dogs that shed all year long and since I have my Q my house doesn’t smells like dog anymore

Maria L.


Since using this vacuum in my house it has changed the overall air quality in our home. You can smell the difference as you are vacuuming, you don’t have the dusty smell.

Jacquie Y.


I love the Quantum. We have 4 dogs and this vacuum is Great. I use to have a rainbow for several years, the quatum picks up just as good and the price is excellent. Rainbow has gotten way to expensive. And I bought a second quatum for upstairs.

Debra M.


Best vacuum I have ever used!!! Love love love it! I want to get one for my two daughters!

Lisa R.


OK, I am here to make a Wonderful exciting comment on my Quantumvac I love this machine and so easy to clean when finished. They have made this just as good as my way old Rainbow vac that used water also. STARS are a 10 for sure.

Teri C.


I know it’s gross, but I vacuum once a week - I know it needs it more often as we have a pellet stove, but I just don’t have time - and this is how the canister looks after every time. The pellet stove leaves a light layer of ash on everything and this vacuum gets it all! It’s fabulous.

Kat K.

Try Quantum X Risk-Free For 30 Days


Your Satisfaction is 100% Guaranteed. If you are dissatisfied with your Quantum X for any reason, simply return the product within 30 days for an easy refund of your purchase price.


Free Shipping... $100 OFF with 3 year warranty


The crevice tool: Get all the dirt and dust from those difficult to get corners and between the sofa cushions!

The dusting brush: Clean the dust out of air conditioning vents, closets and book shelves.

The upholstery brush: Get that deep clean on your sofa and other furniture!

Quantum X Upright Vacuum for only $399 & GET FREE BONUS WARRANTY

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Quantum X Upright Vacuum With Water Filtration - $100 OFF with 3 year warranty