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The Dog Mom Approved Vacuum That Will Solve All Your Dirty Little Problems

Chelsea from shares her secret to a clean home despite having 2 dogs and a little one at home! Here's what she has to say: 

Have you noticed how often your floors look and feel dirty? If your dogs are anything like my dogs, they track inside exponential amounts of dirt and debris and anything else they can get their paws on and into! And since we have little ones crawling around and we enjoy getting on the floor to wrestle with Abbie and Gunner, I want to be sure we aren’t rough housing in germs and bacteria! Enter stage, Quantum X.


I was such a believer in the pet vacuum from Dyson. I thought, “Oh, this is the most expensive animal vacuum from Dyson so it MUST be the best!” Girl, was I wrong! The vacuum claims to be filter-free… but you literally see a picture on their website of someone cleaning the filter!! Umm, WHAT?!! This was me! I tried cleaning those dang filters and no matter how often or the amount of hot soapy water I used, they never seemed to get clean. I was so disappointed, y’all. So, about a year ago, I started doing MAD research on vacuums in the US. I searched high and low for months and months until I found Quantum X. I fell in vacuum love. (Yes, it’s a thing. Don’t hate.)



Traditional Vacuums have a dirty little secret that can make you sick! Paper, foam, and HEPA filters in ordinary vacuums are breeding grounds for bacteria and germs. YUCK! If you don’t replace the filters regularly, you’ll release filth and toxins right back into your home whenever you “clean”! Be honest with me... when was the last time that you replaced your vacuum’s filter(s)? I will be honest with you! I am pretty positive that I have never replaced a filter in ANY vacuums I have owned. Sure, I tried to clean my prior vacuum’s filter myself… but after one cleaning session, it was disgusting all over again, as if I didn’t just put in lots of hard work cleaning it!! SO FRUSTRATING!



Allergies are a damaging immune response when a foreign substance enters the body and, well, that includes dog dander! Pollen, fur, dander, dust, mold, and more; all of which you and your dog can bring into your home. Don’t worry though! The Quantum X Vacuum filters dirt and debris through its unique water filter, so only clean, purified air flows out! That means your vacuum isn’t going to spew out any unseen allergens like other vacuums do. YEP! That actually happens with other vacuums!! Mind blown. Just empty the Quantum X’s water for a fresh, good-as-new filter that never clogs, and has unstoppable airflow every single time! The Quantum X Vacuum is the world’s only filter-free upright water vacuum!


Okay, enough of the negative talk! Let’s talk about all of the great things the Quantum X Vacuum has to offer!! I’m telling you; Quantum X is taking cleaning to a whole other level!



  • Micro Silver Technology that reduces pathogens, germs, bacteria, and allergens by over 99%!
  • Zero filters so you never have to worry about changing clogged filters that can contaminate the house you just cleaned!
  • 18” telescoping head that reaches places where dirt actually hides (like under the couch, your kitchen table and chairs, that china hutch your mother gave you).
  • Picks up dry and wet messes. Yep, that’s right! It doesn’t matter how that dog mess was made or what end it came out of, the Quantum X Vacuum can handle it!
  • 10’ extending hose to use on wet and dry messes. It can be used to mop floors, squeegee windows, pick up spills and pet accidents, and even reach those tall ceilings you have!



  • Works on all floor surfaces and automatically adjusts to all floor heights
  • Fully motorized powerhead
  • 30-Day Money Back Guarantee
  • Never loses suction or airflow
  • Doesn’t end up smelling like dog because there are no filters to hold odors in
  • Won’t get your floor wet, it uses the water to capture dirt
  • Built with a bulletproof high-quality material
  • 3-Year Warranty



Simply put, water catches everything!! The Quantum X uses water to capture dirt, debris, germs and bacteria instead of HEPA filters that clog. Water filtration vacuums handle wet messes while regular vacuums cannot. And being a dog mom, you must know how often wet messes occur! Water just does an excellent job at filtering out anything in the air, leading to greatly increased air quality when compared to a regular vacuum. Water removes bacteria and airborne pathogens AND water vacuums pump out extra clean air. WHEW! 



Okay, so we’ve touched on this a lot. Can you tell that filters are the bane of my existence?! I absolutely hate them! With the Quantum X Vacuum, there are no messy filters to maintain or replace. HALLELUJAH! You just fill it with fresh water each time you use it! After just one use, you will see and smell the difference. It’s as simple as that! And speaking of smell, Quantum will send you samples of their aromatherapy oils to add to the water to make your home smell extra great! My favorite is the Fresh Linen with the Eucalyptus Menthol in a close second! CAUTION! Do not use your own essential oils! They will destroy the vacuum part that holds your water… Yes, I am speaking from experience. I had to get a replacement. Don’t judge me!!



Traditional vacuums use paper, synthetic, and HEPA filters to pick up dirt and debris which overtime clog up and become less efficient. With traditional vacuums, the more you use them, the less they work. Filters are known to be breeding grounds for germs, bacteria and viruses. Not to mention, they are expensive to replace and a hassle to clean. With Quantum X you can now easily remove all the nasty stuff from your home instead of storing it in your closet.



If you have dogs, you need this vacuum. If children ever visit your house, you need this vacuum! If you have allergies, you need this vacuum. If you are living, breathing, reading this blog post, you have to have this vacuum in your home! I can honestly say this was the best thing I could have done for my family’s health! I promise that you will notice an immediate difference in your home.



Before you throw out your old vacuum, do a thorough vacuum with it immediately before you vacuum with your Quantum X vacuum… You will be astonished at how much your old vacuum left behind! I have a video up on Abbie and Gunner’s Instagram of our first experience using our Quantum X vacuum! I thoroughly cleaned the carpet (which is only half a year old) with our old Dyson vacuum and then immediately cleaned with our Quantum X vacuum… and IT. WAS. DISGUSTING. I cannot believe I let my babies crawl around on those carpets!!! YUCK!


But thanks to the Quantum X Vacuum, you won’t have to worry about your floors looking and feeling dirty any longer. Because your dogs are like my dogs, they will inevitably track inside exponential amounts of disgustingness. But now you will be able to fight off germs and bacteria with your Quantum X Vacuum and enjoy some good, clean rough housing with Fido.