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Memorial Day Weekend with Quantum X!

As we approach one of the most important weekends in America by honoring all the members of the U.S.A military, we are also SO ready to start summer the right way. Memorial Day means BBQs, good music, and good times, and if you are this year's host, we know everyone will be walking in and out to admire your home, spilling drinks when playing around, petting your cute pets, and enjoying your home. However, what happens when everyone leaves, and your house is almost a mess? With its deluxe kit, Quantum X comes to the rescue, the three cleaning heroes for the after-party wipe out!

Good party, best after-party cleaning!

Don't get us wrong, at Quantum X, we love a good party but also enjoy clean spaces with the best air quality and zero dust. Nevertheless, we know cleaning after Memorial Day weekend can be overwhelming. We believe that what you need is our Deluxe cleaning kit to keep the good times going with little to no effort when cleaning. Our cleaning heroes kit has three pieces for your Quantum X vacuum, including the pet hair remover, the wet spills squeegee, and the flat surface brush, to help you tackle the after-party mess in a heartbeat!

No cape and no spills!

This cleaning hero does not wear a cape, but it does save that rug! Parties start the moment your guests walk in, ready to have a drink and have fun. In general, spillages are quite easy to remove, but we are dealing with drinks that usually leave a stain on these occasions. From beer to lemonade, to our worst enemies' wine and cranberry juice, every single one of your hosts, by accident, can spill a little bit of liquid and spoil the look and cleanliness of your rugs and floors. No worries, our deluxe kit has it under control! As soon as a spillage happens, you can use your Quantum X vacuum and the spill squeegee to absorb the liquid and avoid spreading the drink all over the place. If the spillage leaves a tough stain, have a little mix of salt, white vinegar, and water spray the stain before vacuuming and remove spillage stains swiftly.

More scratches, less dog hair!

During Memorial Day weekend, everyone comes around, including pets! They are part of our families, and they bring joy to everyone at home and a good amount of hair to our furniture, beds, clothes, and cars. And let's be honest, finding a job as a professional pet scratcher is relatively easy. Quantum X knows how to tackle your pet's hair without making it a cleaning mission. Our most recent deluxe cleaning kit heroes are here to make your favorite guests the easiest to clean after. The pet hair remover attachment uses the power of water and micro-silver technology to capture dog hair, dirt, and dust by using zero filters and putting it all in its water bassinet that will go straight to the drain. Fast, simple, and making your home more pet friendly than ever!

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Memorial Day done and clean home done!

Memorial Day weekend is over, and it's time to clean up. The easiest thing to do is take the trash out and make sure the kitchen is clean. It will make the place look a little better. However, after cleaning, you will notice your home still smells like BBQ! It is all good! Introducing our last deluxe kit cleaning hero, the flat surface brush. We all know that not only the kitchen has some crumbs, dust, and bacteria from our Memorial Day weekend, but Quantum X has a simple yet effective solution to make everything work. First, in your water tank pour a little bit of the fabulous fragrances; make sure you use your surface brush and pass it through all the surfaces that need a little cleaning. In less than 15 minutes, you will have an aromatized and clean space without putting too much effort into it and keeping our Memorial Day weekend to the best and most clean standards with our deluxe cleaning kit.