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Meet The Quantum X Family.

Quantum X offers impressive versatility, incredible cleaning power and is the first and only upright water filtration vacuum on the market, but do you know all the Quantum X family? Quantum X is a vacuum that uses water as the filtration method and helps you deep clean all your wet & dry spills in a heartbeat, promoting healthier and improved indoor air quality. In addition, this fantastic home appliance works on many surfaces, making it an essential cleaning partner for every corner of your home. However, Quantum X has more for you! We are not a regular vacuum brand; we work daily to make your home cleaner and healthier by using unique accessories. We are happy to introduce you to the Quantum X family and make your cleaning routine a breeze!

A True Scent Family.

Having a clean and scented home is something that everyone wants; it adds a sense of luxury and distinctive touch to your indoor spaces. When searching for the perfect fragrance, it is essential to get a versatile scent family that can adjust to your needs. However, knowing where to start and what will be the one that adapts to your home aesthetic can be challenging. For this reason, cleaning experts and vacuum creators have developed a set of four incredible fragrances that will be your best secret to having a home that smells amazing every day! The Quantum X 4-pack fragrances include fresh linen, tropical breeze, eucalyptus & menthol, and fresh apple. Scent designers like Maurice Joosten explain that scents impact your well-being, emotions, social relationships, and thoughts. Now, you will be wondering, how can I use the scents while vacuuming? Quantum X has two proven and effective methods to aromatize and clean while you vacuum safely! Add a couple of drops to the water; it will deodorize the air while you vacuum. Sometimes, you do not want to void; no worries, we have it under control; simply put some drops in the clean water tank of your vacuum and turn it on; it will deodorize and dehumidify every indoor space without moving one finger. Are you ready to try our Quantum X fragrances and add your personal touch to your home? Get them HERE.

 The Head of The Family

The Quantum X system is built with Micro-Silver Technology that neutralizes viruses, bacteria, mold, and other allergens that are dangerous for you and the health of your loved ones. However, a particular member of your Quantum X vacuum needs to be changed every six months to keep vacuuming effectively. We are talking about the Micro-silver Head Replacement. Its primary function is to trap dust and allergens in the water and not recirculate them into your home's indoor air. In other words, everything that is too small for cloths, foam, HEPA filters, or regular vacuums, our Quantum X Micro-silver head replacement will prevent any dust from escaping or blowing back out while you clean. Get the head of the Quantum X family today, you won't regret it!


 The Deluxe Kit Fam!

When we talk about cleaning partners, you should not forget the Quantum X Deluxe kit! This set of 3 luxury accessories will be your right hand when getting to difficult surfaces, removing pet hair, and picking up unwanted spills. The importance of the deluxe kit goes far beyond picking up the mess, it's the fact that these three pick up dust, liquids and other substances that can contain harmful allergens for your family. For this reason, Quantum X has designed an additional flex hose that will be the perfect attachment to connect the three stars of the Quantum X family. The hardwood brush tool is the perfect tool to use when cleaning hardwood, linoleum, marble, and tiles! But why is it deluxe? It's designed with special notches in the front of the brush to allow all the air and debris to pick up effectively and have maximum support with felt rollers, meaning it is multipurpose. Another member of this family is the air driven pet hair remover, it works with the latest technology by rolling airflow into the attachment picking up all types of pet hair and put it in right into the water tank. You will be able to pass this attachment in couches, chairs, upholstery, mattresses, and all the pet hair will go straight outside, where it belongs. Finally, we all know that because Quantum X runs on water, it can pick up wet and dry spills and with our amazing squeegee you will be able to pick up all of them with extreme detail and no germs, dust and debris will be left behind, it all will go to the water tank.


The Quantum X Family

Now that you have met all the Quantum X family, what are you waiting for to make them part of yours? We assure you won't regret it, and what is the best part of it? You will be getting 2000 -worth of technology at the best and most affordable price on the market! Get It now!