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How to Clean Your Carpet & Rug Before Christmas Celebrations.

December is almost here, and having your home ready for Christmas celebrations is a must. Learn how to clean your carpets with Quantum X water filtration vacuum and get your home prepared for the best season of the year. You might be thinking, why carpets and not another home decoration? For the last ten years, interior designers have praised carpets as the make-it-or-break-it accessory to uplift & brighten indoor and outdoor areas. However, we are not the only ones; for over 5000 years, rugs and carpets have been the preferred item to keep humans warm, comfortable and give us a little bit of status. According to historians, nomadic tribe members weaved 300,000 knots or more to create camel, sheep, and goat hair rugs to sit, gather, and recognize important community figures, a material sign of respect and monarchy. Thousands of years later, carpets and rugs are not only decoration but a statement to define your home aesthetic and how it is displayed cohesively and stylishly at home.

Roll out The Red Carpet

Time to roll out the red carpet to the advantages of having the perfect rug at home. These are essential home accessories that protect floors in high transit areas, keep certain areas warm, provide comfort, reduce noise, and make a room look big or small, depending on the size, color, and location. A home accessory that adapts to your home and family needs but is easy to clean and keeps its appearance for extended periods. Interior designers use rugs when fitting different decor elements cohesively and add the personal touch of the clients. In this case, rugs and carpets can have different designs, colors, materials, and patterns to fit our homes. Lastly, remember that carpets are usually "wall to wall" items set in place, and rugs are "an area space rug" that can be moved around according to your liking. For all these reasons, it is essential to pick the right color, the most suitable material, and the correct size.

Clean Rugs & Carpets Always!

Whether you have a rug or wall-to-wall carpet, a cleaning routine is essential once a week. A study by The Built Environment Postdoctoral Fellowship Program stated that “a medium pile nylon carpet from a regular home incubated 80% of all the bacterial growth from its indoor spaces.” Very overwhelming, right? Hence identifying the type of carpet or rug you own is the best cleaning routine to approach dust, bacteria, allergens, and others is crucial. The most common materials carpets and rugs are made of are wool, synthetic, cotton, and jute & quantum X can clean them all without fail.

The Cool Wool Carpet & Rug At Home.

Wool is a classic luxury material for carpets and rugs because they are 100% natural, comfortable, fire-resistant, and, best of all, its production is friendly to the environment. This material is used primarily in dining rooms and living rooms because it repels water and stains and is, without a doubt, the softest material to walk around. Even though the life span of this item is long (20-30 years), it is on you & the tools you use to clean it to maintain it. First, remove the rug from its original spot and vacuum under it; it will prevent dust from accumulating under it. Then, place it flat on a clean surface and pour hot water on the stains and other imperfections you need to treat. After, turn on your Quantum X vacuum with clean water in the water tank. Remember, add a few drops of Quantum X fragrance to make it spotless and smell cleaner. Finally, our water filtration vacuum will suck up dirt particles, surface-level crumbles, bacteria, and all the pet hairs from your best friend. The result is a clean, fresh-smelling wool carpet with just one home appliance. Incredible, right?

The Cotton Rug & Carpet Rule You Can't Forget.

 Let's talk about the versatility of cotton rugs and why they are our favorites when cleaning them. This material is widespread; it adapts to many scenarios, comes in all colors and patterns, and you can even reverse them to use both sides. Cotton rugs cannot be used in high-traffic areas like entryways, living rooms, kitchens, and hallways because they wear out their color or turn a little brown or yellow. To clean your cotton rug, make sure the underneath is clean first. Then, using the flex hose, crevice, and upholstery brush, remove the loose dirt and immediately use your Quantum X vacuum. If you have some thought stains that need to be addressed or your cotton rug is becoming yellow-brown, pour a little bit of hot water, let it soak for 5 minutes, and vacuum with Quantum X. It will pick up all the dirt, disinfect and make it look like new! Leave it outside, dry it, and put it back in your favorite spot when it's ready.

The Cute Jute Carpet & Rug Everyone Needs.

For the past five years, jute rugs have been the trend and go-to among interior designers. Why? Jute is a natural fiber that grows in India, and they are incredibly resistant. These rugs can be placed in either high or low-traffic areas at home and resist feet, paws, furniture, and heavy home accessories or appliances. In addition, jute prevents dirt, dust, and bacteria from building up. Nevertheless, having a cleaning routine to keep your rug in perfect shape is a must. Even though it is very resistant, it requires careful cleaning. Why? Since jute rugs are static-free and non-absorbent, dust can float in the air, contaminating indoor air quality. To clean it, make sure the underneath is clean. Vacuum the area and place the rug back, then with the flex hose and upholstery brush, vacuum your rug, making sure you are doing it carefully to prevent fibers from breaking. Ready to get that cute rug for your dream space at home?

Do Not Underestimate Synthetic Carpets & Rugs

Synthetic rugs and carpets are composed of viscose, nylon, polyester, and olefin to imitate natural fibers and are often used in outdoor spaces. This material's advantage is that it doesn't wear out quickly and doesn't fade under direct sunlight. Considering this, this type of rug is the easiest to maintain because you only need to vacuum them, and that's it. Because of this material's fibers, it is unnecessary to clean underneath, making it an inexpensive yet valuable alternative for outdoor spaces. They will look like new in a heartbeat! To clean them, use your Quantum X with a clean water tank, add some drops of the fragrance and clean them.