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10 Daily Cleaning Habits You Should Start, Right Now! | Quantum Cleaning Hacks

The Best Kept Secret For A Clean & Tidy Home...

Tired of dedicating an entire day to cleaning, only to find the following evening it looks as though you did nothing?  Or feel as though you have no time to tidy up?

You can train your way to a tidier home by incorporating some simple rules into your daily routine. Just take a few moments to implement these daily cleaning habits and then sit back to enjoy the organization and comfort it brings to your life.  Here are our top 10 suggestions that you can start today:


Tidy Bedroom

Make Your Bed Every Morning

While it may not be a top priority in the world of hectic household chores, incorporating this simple daily act into your morning routine is guaranteed to make you feel like you have your act together (even if there’s dust hiding beneath the bed frame).

As soon as you roll out of bed in the morning, make an effort to reset your bedding. This will make your room feel presentable and clean - plus no temptations for crawling back under the covers - be ready for the day ahead!


Clean Laundry, Super Man

Invest In The Laundry Process

We get it, laundry is no one's favorite task, but it’s so easy for laundry to pile up, especially in larger households! Now, you may not need to do this every day, but getting into the habit of tackling laundry in the mornings will make the overflowing load seem far more manageable.

Top tip: as soon as the washed laundry is dry, put the clothing on hangers and fold into drawers immediately to be able to check the chore off your list.


Clean Shower

Clean The Shower After Every Use

You may only need to wipe down your tub 1-2 times a week, but if you have a glass shower door, it’ll need a little more attention.  To keep the surfaces free of water spots, soap scum and mineral deposits, use a squeegee after every shower and prevent build up before it starts.


Shoe Rack

Start Taking Shoes Off At The Front Door

Removing your shoes before entering your home will not only drastically reduce the amount of dirt and debris trekked through from room to room, but it will keep your floors free from bacteria and other harmful substances that are collected on the soles of your shoes from outside.  

Regardless of the type of flooring you have in your home, removing your shoes at the door is a great daily habit to get into.  A comfortable, liveable home starts with clean floors!


Mom Cleaning Hack. Vacuum

Vacuum Regularly!

Ok, we may be biased on this one, but vacuuming regularly is a must!  Especially if you have furry friends in the home! Now we aren’t suggesting you wiz around the entirety of your home with your vac every morning, but your high traffic areas should be cleaned on a daily basis to prevent the spread of dirt and dust throughout the rest of the home.

Top tip: Small rugs placed in your high traffic areas (doorways, underneath tables etc.) can help to trap a lot of dirt. However, don’t forget these will occasionally need a deep clean / replacing too!

Interested in learning more about what’s lurking in your home? Check out some of our video reviews to see what your old vac is missing. Or even better, try the Quantum challenge yourself [Click here to shop the sale!]


Clean Dishes

Clean While You Cook

This may seem like an obvious one, but we can almost guarantee the majority of us often fail to do this, and the dirty dishes can soon pile up rather quickly. 

So, forget what you’ve heard about leaving dishes to soak in the sink. There’s not much worse than cleaning up food gunk and grease that’s been harbouring your surfaces and sink for a prolonged time. 

Simply clean along whilst your dinner is cooking; whether it be giving cutting boards and saucepans a quick rinse or clearing away any food packaging and wiping the sides - crack this daily habit and you’ll never have to worry about waking up to a dirty kitchen again!

P.S. Don’t be afraid to call in the home troops here - while you’re cooking, they clean and vice versa!


Kitchen Appliances

Put Appliances Away

We aren’t suggesting that your new coffee maker can’t have a prize position on the counter top. However, this doesn’t need to be accompanied by your kettle, toaster, slow cooker and blender.

Having all of your appliances on display can make your kitchen feel cluttered and leaves little counter top space. So, why not allocate a cupboard for their storage when they aren’t being used? Less appliances out on counters and surface tops will discourage dust and makes cleaning up your kitchen a lot quicker - just wait until you see the difference it has on the space too!


Donating Clothes

Declutter / Donate Unused Items

This one may be implemented over a longer period of time, but having regular clear outs and getting into the habit of removing unused items as soon as they are no longer needed is a great way to eliminate untidiness or general clutter from building up.

As the saying goes, ‘one man’s trash is another man’s treasure’ - well in this case, it all comes down to separating useful items from ‘junk’.  

Things such as broken electronics, magazine’s from the early 2000’s, and your old, worn down tennis shoes that you can’t quite bid farewell to - these have got to go! 

On the other hand, useful items that you no longer need can be donated or used by someone else.  Simples!


Filing Paperwork

File Mail / Paperwork 

Leading on from the above, we can all be guilty of hoarding old mail / documents from time to time which can soon become unmanageable. So, why not take out 30 seconds each day to sort through your mail or paperwork and allocate a space for any important documents.

Also, don’t feel guilty about getting rid of those non-subscription catalogs or promotional flyers that sometimes find their way into your mailbox - you can always make a quick call to remove yourself from any mailing lists to minimise the amount of ‘junk’ mail you receive.


Man Cleaning Home

Do 5 Minute Nightly Clean Ups

Though it can be tempting to leave last night’s mess to tidy in the morning, you’ll be thankful tomorrow that you did it tonight! More often than not, the ‘mess’ in our homes is simply caused by things being left out of place.  From jackets to laptops, chargers and more, it’s not uncommon to find numerous items lying around the home causing disarray.

Fear not though, it’s super easy to get into the habit of putting things back as soon as you’re finished with them. Also, by having a 5 minute tidy up before bed you'll be able to keep your home clean and tidy without feeling overwhelmed the next day. 

So, there you have it, 10 daily habits for a clean home. All of which can be created with a little intentional planning and self-discipline!

Helpful habits = happy home.