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Experience the Cleansing Power of the Quantum Vacuum!
No HEPA, Sponge, Foam, or Paper Filters to Clog!
  • Quantum Vacuum Pro never loses strength or airflow
  • Quantum Vacuum Pro uses fresh water as a filter
  • No dirty canisters or paper bags to change
  • Quantum Vacuum Pro is a vacuum cleaner, air purifier, wet/dry vac, leaf blower, aromatizer/deodorizer, and inflator/deflator – ALL IN ONE!
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The Smartest, Most Powerful & Effective Vacuum Ever!

Traditional Vacuums Have a Dirty Secret That Can Make You Sick!
Paper, foam, & HEPA filters in ordinary vacuums are breeding grounds for bacteria & germs. Don’t replace them regularly, and you’ll release filth & toxins right back into your home whenever you clean! 

The Quantum Vacuum filters dirt & debris through its unique water filter, so only clean, purified air flows out! Just empty the water for a fresh, good-as-new filter that never clogs & unstoppable airflow every time.

Take Cleaning to the Next Level with Our Deluxe Package

Make one easy payment today and save $225! You will receive Free Shipping, a Free Wet Kit, and a Free Deluxe Package to complement your new Quantum Cleaning System! 
Free Shipping, Wet Kit,  & Deluxe Upgrade with one Easy Payment $498
Not to mention, you'll get an Extended 90 Day Money Back Guarantee.  The Wet Pack comes with the wet hose for wet messes, a telescoping wand, a curved wand, and the Hardwood Floor Brush., valued at $100! The Deluxe Package comes with a motorized pet hair remover and a squeegee attachment for the wet hose to leave a streak-free shine, also valued at $100! 
Why Pay Up to $1200 for All These Appliances?
Quantum Vacuum is the Incredible 6-in-1 Powerhouse that can do it all!


Wet Spills

Air Purifier

Leaf Blower



Quantum Vacuum is State of the Art Technology & Design!
Bacteria-Reducing Micro
Silver Technology

Protects your family from toxins,
pathogens, germs & more

Built to Last
May be the last vacuum you'll ever have to buy because it's built with stainless steel tubing and top grade wire hose.

Built-in Timer
Lets you purify the air in your home in 15 minute increments up to 2 hours.
Ideal for Families
With small children, pets, allergy
sufferers, & expectant mothers.
Versatile Design
Reaches places other
vacuums can’t.

Detachable Cord
for easy storage.

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Quantum Vacuum
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